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TheIndependent – Paraguay Floods Force 200,000 To Flee – 29 june 2014

The Independent

Many have been forced to live in tents in makeshift settlements as flooding has forced them to leave their homes

By Andrew Griffin

Flooding in Paraguay has forced 200,000 people to flee their homes after torrential rain hit the country.

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ZeroHedge – Dear US Soldiers And Veterans: Avoid The Following Hospitals Like The Plague – 29 June 2014

 ZeroHedgeThe VA scandal was just the beginning.

According to Internal documents obtained by New York Times, US military healthcare is “a system in which scrutiny is sporadic and avoidable errors are chronic.” As the NYT reports In Military Care, a Pattern of Errors but Not Scrutiny, “the military system has consistently had higher than expected rates of harm and complications in two central parts of its business — maternity care and surgery.”

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Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 29 June 2014

AishaNorthHere we are again, ready and eager to impart another message into your being. For here you all stand, ready and poised to take this whole operation to a very new level. For you have all been anointed dear ones, as is only right, for you are indeed the bringers of the dawn and the keepers of the light, and now you are all set to set this world fully ablaze with your very presence in this human body and with your very presence in every corner of this globe. For as you move about, the light is literally following in your footsteps, and as you move about, you are setting off a veritable firestorm of ignitions behind you. And this goes for the entirety of your journey in this mortal coil as the saying goes. For this is indeed a multi-level event, and this encompasses so much more than your current geolocation and your current timeline. For through this, a whole new spectrum of vibrational fields will once again see the light, in every sense of the word. Continue reading

ISIS Crucify Eight Anti-Assad Fighters In Syria – Watchdog – 29 June 2014

RT logoThe Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) fighters have crucified and publically executed eight rebels who were fighting both Assad and jihadists, according to a monitoring group using information from local sources.

The eight men were brutally killed in the town square of Deir Hafar in the east of Aleppo province on June 28 because they were from rebel groups that had fought the jihadists as well as President Bashar Assad’s forces, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, AFP reports.

ISIS then “crucified them in the main square of the village, where their bodies will remain for three days,” the pro-opposition NGO added.

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S. Korean ‘Comfort Women’ For US Military Sue State For Forced Prostitution – 29 June 2014

RT logoA group of South Korean former “comfort women”, who worked in state-controlled brothels for the US military after the 1953 Korean War, has filed a suit demanding compensation from the authorities for forced prostitution.

It’s the first time that such legal action has been taken regarding the brothels, or “special areas” that were sanctioned by the South Korean government, The Asahi Shimbun media outlet reported.

The women are seeking 10 million won ($9,850) for being made to serve as “US military comfort women” after the Korean War ended in 1953.

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Austerity-Driven European Politicians ‘Whip Up’ Hostility Towards Minority Groups – 29 June 2014

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The incident at Tottenham’s Markfield Park on June 23, where neo-Nazi nationalists attacked a music festival, could serve as a vivid example of radicalism imported to the UK from the continent.

Britons should stay vigilant, particularly after the parliamentary elections in the EU, marked with a notable drift towards both extreme-right and in some cases “openly Nazi” political parties, Lee Jaspar said.

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Japanese Man Sets Himself On Fire In Protest To Reform Of Pacifist Constitution – 29 June 2014

Photo from Twitter/@JuhaniHeiskanen

Photo from Twitter/@JuhaniHeiskanen

In a dramatic act of protest, the protester scaled a pedestrian bridge outside a main train station in the Shinjuku neighborhood. He then proceeded to make a speech through a megaphone condemning Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plans to expand the use of the Japanese military by reforming the constitution.

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Lucas – Laser As Weather Modification Methode – 29 June 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsWeather modification is not new it is and was used by cloud seeding by spraying  silver iodide to create rain clouds that bring rain . Later the method of ELF waves by the much spoken of HAARP array in Alaska was being tested. ELF arrays can be found all over the world now also radar installation can be used to produce ELF waves. Weather modification and geoengineering has developed now further as now laser is also used to create rainclouds and lightning. Be aware that also geoegineering and the chemtrails spraying is also effecting weather and is used so they say to block sunlight from so-called harming us. Just know your current weather and weather extremes may not have natural causes. But are induced upon you. Earthquakes, huge storms , extreme snow, hail, rain we have seen pass the last few years. It was always said to be the fault of that little fairytale story of climate change but it was not. So be warned. Read and know. Commercial organisations spray chemtrails, commercial organisations are over the world next to military using ELF for weather modification and geoengineering. It is used at this moment against humanity as a weapon and not as something good for us. It needs to stop. The weather has changed yes due to the artificial interference of some that think to be your custodians and have not asked us for our consent nor are they willing to be accountable.
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Facebook Fighting Against ‘Largest Ever’ Govt Data Request In Court – 29 June 2014

RT logo(Lucas: Fighting: they allowed the conduct of researchers without consent of the more than 600.000 accounts involved to do a psychological experiment and Facebook makes a living of profiling data for corporate gain and now saying we fight…. against…..Think again do not get played or fooled!)

Facebook is locked in a legal battle over a court ruling that forced the site to hand over data from almost 400 profiles to authorities. The social media site argues the decision is unconstitutional and violates the Fourth Amendment.

Last summer, a New York court ordered Facebook to release data from the accounts of 381 people, who were suspected of being involved in a disability fraud case. The information included photos, private messages and other data.

The social media platform had previously been unable to go public about their legal struggle against the “largest data request” by a government body because of a court gagging order. However, Chris Sonderby, Facebook Deputy General Counsel published a blog post on Thursday speaking out about the case after a New York judge granted permission to go public.

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North Korea Fires Two Missiles Off Eastern Coast – 29 June 2014

RT logoNorth Korea has fired two missiles off its eastern coast, according to the South Korean military. It comes just days after Pyongyang tested what it says were new precision-guided missiles.

The North fired two missiles into the East Sea (Sea of Japan) at about 5:00 am from the country’s east coast,” a defense ministry spokesman told AFP.

The rockets fired were short-range Scud missiles with a range of about 500 kilometers, Yonhap news agency cited a military official as saying.

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