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Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 29 March 2015

marlene1-1March 29-April 5, 2015

Beloved Ones,

The winds of change blow ever more frequently. All about you there are increasing signs of the renewal of your lands, your peoples and your souls. As each person aligns to their own divine essence and daily invokes its presence within them, there is an acceleration of changes that take place within their physical body. These changes occur in cycles and you will know when you are in a cycle of assimilation of the cosmic energies flowing in through your crown chakra, as this is the time of the taking in of new information and you are much energized, invigorated and uplifted. Then comes another cycle of the assimilation of these energies in which you, in your physical body, find the need to rest, to sleep, to nurture self and to contemplate and ground them into your physical body in order to anchor them upon and within the Earth. Gone are the days when this process occurred in terms of decades; now it takes place in a much accelerated pace. Such are the times in which you are living. Continue reading


Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 29 March 2015

marilynraffaeleMARCH 29, 2015

Dear ones, Greetings to all in this season of Christian celebration. Know that the death and resurrection remembered at Easter were meant to provide profound spiritual teachings for all, Christian as well as non-Christian.

Spring is bringing with it new beginnings, even for those who may be trying very hard to avoid new beginnings. We speak now of those who believe that their learning curve is finished and that they are now entitled to sit back and enjoy “old age”. Those in this category will be very surprised when change begins to disrupt this cherished illusion. Everyone must be prepared for change both within and without regardless of human age and its manifestations .

Refuse to blindly accept into consciousness the beliefs and fears about aging being incessantly thrown at you by corporations who stand to profit from your fears of age and deterioration. Individual human age matters not in the spiritual journey for in reality, everyone is as old as God.

We emphasize change simply to remind all now on earth to not get too comfortable in the illusion, for you all made the choice to be a part of this powerful time of change in order to spiritually evolve and then in turn, assist others.

Continue reading

Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – You Are Living In The Perfect Moment – 29 March 2015

LarryLarsonMarch 29, 2015

You are always in the perfect place. It is not possible for you to be in the wrong place. Do you get that? Your vibration is what aligns the very molecules of the Universe, calls them to you, so that what you are living is the direct result of that vibration. You could not see, you could not experience anything that was not somehow part of your vibration. “If you spot it, you got it,” as they say. If you recognize something wonderful then it is within you. And if you recognize something that is distasteful or undesired, it is also within you.

But here’s the good news: because it is within you, you have the power to change it. With your decision to focus upon that which is desired rather than dwell upon that which is not wanted, you realign the Universe that surrounds you. Through the focusing of your attention you command the power of Source to enlarge that which you are focused upon. And when you make a decision to focus that attention upon the things you really like, even the little, seemingly insignificant ones, you amplify all of the wonderful things in your life, and the Universe aligns even more wonderful things to come your way. You are living in the perfect moment right now, and through your attention applied in that perfect now, only more of that which is perfect will come to you.

Here’s how to create that perfection moment to moment: Inner Circle Members click here to continue
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Blessings of abundance and life,
~ Twelve

http://www.twelvespirit.net / via newsletter 29 March 2015

Lisa Gawlas – The Amazing Skill Sets Being Revealed And The New Teachers Here to Help Us!!! – 29 March 2015

lisagawlas2When I woke up late yesterday, I wasn’t going to write a blog.  I really like to have 3-4 hours to do my sharings, when I only have an hour, I feel like I am rushing and cannot get out everything desired.  Yet, there was no way spirit was letting me slide yesterday and they hung the new skills and meditation importance in my face until I finally hit the keyboard to release it.  Truthfully, they also snuck in the release of the new package I will put together today… kinda as their way of making sure I get it done.  After I published my blog I thought… how the hell do I even do a package of the unknown???  Meaning, how do I try to teach what I don’t even know yet.  Well, spirit made sure everyone on my agenda yesterday was about to make this a crystal clear vision for all of us.  But I also must note as well, just about everyone on yesterdays dance card had been rescheduled so many times, some since February and yet, their grand alignment for yesterday, beyond perfect.  The timing of the energy release of information, not to mention my ability to understand the new information.  Maybe I am just sitting in complete awe of the perfection and synchronicity of the entire day yesterday.  So with that said, let’s get to the amazing stuff presented from yesterdays connections.  However, I am going to start with my third reading first, because her message is so incredibly important for the majority of us to really understand and apply. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Reader’s Question: Gratitude, Wisdom And Enlightenment – 29 March 2015

Credit: Jillconyers.com

Wes Annac – The Culture of Awareness

I wrote the following for the “reader’s question” section of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter, which I offer for $11.11 a month.

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Our question this week comes from a reader who wants to know about the role gratitude plays in finding wisdom and enlightenment. Continue reading

ZeroHedge- Complacency Reigns Supreme – “Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong”, Right – 29 March 2015


Complacency Reigns Supreme–Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Right?

One of the more remarkable features of the Bull market in stocks is the ascendancy of complacency and the banishing of fear. Take a look at this chart of the “fear index,” the VIX–more properly, a measure of volatility:

Read the full story at: www.zerohedge.com / link to original article

Steve Lendman – Iran Nuclear Deal: Getting Close, Hold The Cheers – 29 March 2015

StevelendmanReports on progress are mixed. Reuters said “Iran and major powers are close to agreement on a 2- or 3-page accord with specific numbers that would form the basis of a long-term settlement aimed at ending a 12-year standoff over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, officials said on Friday.”

The New York Times quoted an unnamed State Department official saying:

“Yesterday’s and today’s talks have been tough and very serious.”

“We’re at that point in the negotiations where we really need to see decisions being made.”

“We will test whether that is truly possible over the next several days.” Continue reading

ActivistPost – Report: US Stationing Marines In Ghana On Eve Of Nigerian Elections – 29 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post

According to a report by Nigerian Watch, a UK-based magazine for Nigerian communities, hundreds of US Marines are now being stationed in Ghana as the Nigerian elections begin to take place.

The Marines are allegedly being stationed in Ghana so as to be available to remove American personnel from Nigeria if the elections result in violence, a possibility that some analysts are expecting.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

ZeroHedge – Americans Supported And Inspired The Nazis – 29 March 2015

ZeroHedgePreface:  I am a patriotic American who loves  my country. I was born here, and lived here my entire life.

So why do I frequently point out America’s warts?  Because – as the Founding Fathers and Supreme Court judges have explained – we can only make America better if we honestly examine her shortcomings.  After all:

Read the full story at: www.zerohedge.com link to original article

Steve Lendman – Washington Wants Its Big Lying Machine Revved Up – 29 March 2015

StevelendmanIts annual three-fourths of a billion dollars spent isn’t enough. It’s for managed news disinformation rubbish aired by:

•Voice of America;

•Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty,

•Radio Free Asia;

•Radio and TV Marti aimed at Cuba; and

•Middle East Broadcasting Networks.

Plus enormous sums spent by supportive corporate media, as well as so-called public (be damned) broadcasting and radio blasting out Big Lies, fake news, and other grand deceptions instead of what everyone deserves. Continue reading