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Tories To Axe 55% ‘Death Tax’ In Pre-Election Bid To Woo UK Voters – 29 September 2014

RT logoChancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is expected to announce plans to scrap a 55 percent tax on inherited pension savings at the Conservatives’ conference in Birmingham, as part of a broader Tory pitch to win the next general election.

During his speech to delegates at the conference, which began on Sunday and is due to come to a close on Wednesday, Osborne is expected to unveil a £150 million pre-electoral tax break that could reap benefits for hundreds of thousands of Britons. Following its implementation in 2015, the policy shift will abolish a 55 percent tax on pensions passed on to deceased UK citizens’ family members.

The tax cut is set to be confirmed in Osborne’s autumn statement scheduled later this year, and will come into effect in April 2015.

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Turkey Undergoing ‘Authoritarian Drift’ Under Erdogan – HRW – 29 September 2014

RT logoTurkey under the helm of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has seen the erosion of human rights via a crackdown on media freedom, dissent and a weakening of the rule of law, Human Rights Watch (HWR) warned in its latest report.

The 38-page report outlining the “worrying rollback” of human rights over Ergodan’s 12-year reign was published on Monday.

Erdogan, who won the presidential poll in August after serving as prime minister for over a decade, has increasingly come under fire amidst mounting opposition protests and corruption allegations targeting both him and his inner circle. Damaging leaks linked to the influential Gülen movement, led by the US-based cleric Fethullah Gülen, and the violent crackdown on the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul and other cities in May-June 2013 have spurred Erdogan to react with increasingly authoritarian measures.

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Brenda Hoffman – Expect and Accept – The Living Is Easy – 29 September 2014

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Summary of Brenda’s September 27, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:  You’ve transitioned from an AM to FM frequency. So you feel as if you know where you want to be, but have no idea how to get there. Your physical body is adjusting to the new you. Self-love is the key. Try being of earth for 24 hours without belittling yourself in some way. If you feel joyful radiating peace to those of earth, that is one of your roles. But if you don’t, please don’t allow guilt or narcissism to enter your thought processes. Continue reading

‘Lost Decade’: UK Workers Face Real Wages Drop Until 2017 – 29 September 2014

RT logoYoung people and the “squeezed middle” classes will face a fall in real wages beyond 2017, amounting to a “lost decade” despite signs of economic recovery, claims an economic forecaster.

Real take-home pay, representing workers’ spending power, will still lag behind pre-crisis levels by 2017, falling short of the 4.5 percent to 5 percent annual rises seen before the 2008 financial crisis.

The EY Item Club survey claims median pay in real terms will fall from £18,852 in 2008 to £17,827 by 2017.

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Web Magna Carta: WWW Inventor Calls For ‘Online Bill Of Rights’ – 29 September 2014

RT logoSir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web has spoken out against world governments and corporations, which he says are seeking to control the web for their own gain.

He called for a revolutionary bill of rights to guaranty the web’s independence.

When he invented the nexus 25 years, ago, the British Berners-Lee dreamed of a neutral space where humanity, with all of its “ghastly stuff,” would be free to be itself. Now, however, he sees no choice but to institute a sort of Magna Carta for the online world – a document that would be modeled on the 13th-century English charter on basic rights and freedoms.
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Air France Pilots End 14-Day Strike, As Low-Cost Impasse Unbreakable – 29 September 2014

RT logoAir France pilots have called off a two week strike – the longest in company’s history that grounded 60 percent of flights in recent days and cost the company the estimated $355 million.

Thedeadlockover the plans of company’s parent, Air France-KLM, to develop its low – cost brand Transavia leads to nowhere, the company’s pilot union, SNPL, acknowledged on Sunday.

The strike no longer serves any purpose, we are getting nowhere with this management,” SNPL spokesman Guillaume Schmid said, adding that the union intends to continue talks over Transavia in a different way. “We needed to get away from the media and political pressure.
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Ron Paul: Obama’s Bombing Campaign In Iraq And Syria ‘Immoral And Illegal’ – 29 September 2014

RT logoRon Paul, America’s most outspoken libertarian and anti-mainstream politician, has slammed US military strikes in Syria and Iraq.

Not known for mincing his words or flip-flopping, Paul told RT’s Abby Martin that President Obama’s decision to use military force in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State [IS], without approval from the UN or the US Congress, was “immoral and illegal” under US and international law.

READ MORE: Ron Paul: Imperial presidency, abuse of presidential powers have grown since Nixon

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Steve Lendman – MSM Support Brazen Lawlessness – 29 September 2014

StevelendmanInternational, constitutional and US statute laws aren’t ambiguous. They don’t leave wiggle room.
They’re clear and unequivocal. No nation may attack another except in self-defense.
None may do so without Security Council approval. Presidents can’t authorize war. Nor Congress. Nor US courts at the highest level.
Claims otherwise are false. America’s last legal war was WW II. Obama’s wars are brazenly lawless.

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Brussels To Announce Mega-Penalty Against Apple Over Illegal Irish Tax Deals – 29 September 2014

RT logoThe European Commission in Brussels is preparing to accuse the world’s biggest company of getting special treatment from the Irish government in exchange for creating jobs. It could result in a record fine of several billion euro.

The iPhone maker could receive the record fine after paying a corporate tax rate of less than 2 percent between 1991 and 2007, an arrangement made after the company had operated without any taxes since it arrived in Ireland in 1980, the Financial Times (FT)reported. The FT said Apple has kept $137.7 billion in cash out of the reach of American tax authorities.

The EU is expected to publish a report on the Apple inquiry on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

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Eruption Or Not, Nuclear Restart In Japan To Go Ahead On Schedule – 29 September 2014

RT logoJapan’s plans to restart the Sendai nuclear reactor won’t be affected by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Ontake, the government said. The reactor is in a separate volcanically-active area, which rose concerns for its safety after the Saturday eruption.

The eruption that is presumed to have killed over 30 people and left dozens injured is not a reason for a safety reassessment for the Sendai plant, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference.

“This was a steam-driven [eruption] and it has been said it was extremely difficult to predict,” Reuters cites him as saying.

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