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Freedom Reigns Radio – Drake – 31 May 2012

Drake will be discussing any updates if there are any and addressing military and discussing  how YOU can grow YOUR community.

It is about the finalization of the collateral accounts.  News on zero-ing out the system.

Link to the Freedom Reigns US Blogtalkradio Show With Drake From 30 May 2012



Fran Zepeda – Sananda ~ Be One With The Macrocosm – 30 May 2012


Abiding by the Laws of the Universe has not always been a priority for humanity.  There has been a major disconnect for such a long time. Now humanity’s collective consciousness has more fully embraced the Laws of the Universe.  Even though these laws have always been in force, humanity has not been in rhythm with them up until now.

Behold the massive shift in Light and Love. That could not have been possible had the power not shifted in rhythm with the Laws of the Universe. You are going to find much more synchronicity as a result of this.  Continue reading