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Suzanne Lie – Arcturian Transmissions To Our Inter-Galactic Emissaries Part 3 – The Galactic Post Office – 30 October 2014

SuzanneLieThe Galactic Post Office

Our dear Emissaries of Light assisting dear Gaia HOME to Her true frequency,

Yes, rather a long introduction, but to us there is no time and no separation of words. Could you please take a moment of your NOW to FEEL our message? You will feel, not the words that we have written, but the carrier wave of unconditional love that transports our messages to you from the very Heart of our ONE. Continue reading


Charges Dropped For #PayPal14 Hacktivists, Company Launches #PayPal15 Trend – 30 October 2014

RT logoFelony charges have been dropped against 11 of the 14 Anonymous-linked hacktivists who pleaded guilty to waging a cyber-attack on the PayPal website. Meanwhile, the company has been derided on Twitter for launching a new promo campaign tagged #PayPal15.

Known as part of the “PayPal 14,” the 11 originally reached plea deals with federal prosecutors in December 2013, admitting their participation in an online attack that briefly took down the PayPal website nearly four years ago.

After entering guilty pleas to one felony count of conspiracy and one misdemeanor count of damaging a computer, their sentencing was delayed for nearly a year. If the defendants could demonstrate good behavior during that time, they could potentially escape only with probation and restitution payments.

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Small Town Sends Armored Vehicle, 24 Officers To Collect Debt From 75-Year-Old – 30 October 2014

RT logoAn armored military vehicle and 24 armed police officers: That’s what the sheriff’s department in a small Wisconsin town used to collect a civil judgement from a 75-year-old man, who has filed a $4.5 million lawsuit against the town over the incident.

Marathon County sheriff’s deputies went to Roger Hoeppner’s property in the town of Stettin to serve a writ of execution against the 75-year-old for the $86,000 he and his family owed the municipality.

The police expected to have to seize and remove tractors and wooden pallets to pay the judgment, which is why so many deputies were on hand, Sheriff’s Capt. Greg Bean told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Hoeppner is known to be argumentative, he added, but not dangerous.

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‘I Will Go To Court To Attain My Freedom’ – Maine Nurse Rejects Quarantine Over Ebola – 30 October 2014

RT logoThe American nurse who is being quarantined against her will after returning from a mission in West Africa says she may sue officials in the state of Maine if they refuse to lift the restrictions they’ve imposed.

Kaci Hickox, the nurse, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Wednesday this week that she will soon outright reject the state’s attempt to keep her isolated, despite the requests from officials who fear that allowing the woman out of a Fort Kent, ME residence could lead to an Ebola outbreak.

“I will go to court to attain my freedom,” Hickox told the television network Wednesday morning during an interview conducted over Skype.

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TheSpiritScienceNet – A Free Energy Device…That Works?! – 30 October 2014

The Spirit Science Net

(Lucas : and reported in 2010…… by now there should be everywhere a free energy machine?! We have thousands of other applications, other free energy machines but none has been free provided to all of the world yet. Still “free is oppressed, ridiculed, science will not seriously come out of the dogmas closet, and the people in power and with capital are keeping the money-making fossil fuels and nuclear energy providers going. Still they want you to pay and come up with new electric cars fueled with electric energy made by…… What has changed… ? A lot! More and more inventions and people make free energy work for them and the people still in power are making laws, rules and treaties that will not allow that and enforce it with insane force…. We have the ability to change things now as more and more have awakened and are able to see what is going on. Do your part !)

Okay, this is just plain amazing! These Australian guys got together and built a device that creates perpetual motion using magnets. After starting the device with a small battery, it generates enough electricity to power not only itself, but far, far more!

They say it works, and they’re convinced! I am so excited about this, we need to get blueprints out to the world! Please, help share this and lets find out how they did it. If anyone can build these in their backyard, well it’ll be a new world overnight.

www.thespiritscience.net/ link to original article

GMO Salmon’s Future In Question After Producer Fined Over Violations – 30 October 2014

RT logoPanama fined a US biotechnology company’s local facility that “repeatedly violated” the nation’s permitting and regulatory laws as it worked to develop the world’s first genetically-modified salmon. The 2012 infractions were first made public on Tuesday.

AquaBounty Technologies, a company licensed by the US government to foster what could be the world’s first genetically-modified (GM) meat, is carrying out GM-salmon research in Panama. Neither Panama nor the US has given clearance to sell GM salmon, but, if regulators approve its application, AquaBounty may become the first to sell GM meat in the US.

“AquaBounty is really out front on this – the current case will set an important precedent,” Dana Perls, a food and technology campaigner at Friends of the Earth, told Inter Press Service (IPS) news agency.

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Denmark ‘Pours $428K’ Into Researching Fictional Troll – 30 October 2014

RT logoDenmark’s Council for Independent Research (DFF) will contribute some 2.5 million kroner (US$428,000) into funding research on a fictional troll – an underground being which exists in popular myth on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

The troll in question – Krølle Bølle – is the national troll of the island. He has had fans since 1946, when his legend was devised by writer Ludvig Mahler. However, a prior legend told of an underground being, upon which Bølle might have been based.

Lars Christian Kofoed Rømer, the researcher who has been granted the funding, wants to explore the impact of the folk tale on the physical environment of the island. He previously studied ghosts, focusing two years of work on them before moving onto trolls.

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Grandpaw Peter Koyote – Empowerment – 30 October 2013

Uploaded on 30 October 2013 by Grandpaw Peter Koyote Wild ole man who’s got The Plan… Here’s HOW we get through, because this IS What We Do… as Humans… and Everything Else… Don’t deny, Give it a try… With Grandpaw Koyote & Friends… Music by Sandra McDougall… Used by permission.

News.va – Holy See : Eliminate Hunger Through Inclusion – 30 October 2013

(Vatican Radio) The Vatican said on Tuesday we can only eliminate hunger and food insecurity by promoting inclusion. The Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, Archbishop Francis Chullikatt told the international body more needs to be done to stop hunger.

“By pointing out the problem of exclusion and the need for inclusion, we bring up the uncomfortable fact that hunger is not caused by the lack of sufficient food to feed every person on the planet,” he said during a UN meeting on agricultural development, food security, and nutrition. “While improvements in food production remains an important goal, food security will be achieved by all only when we change social structures and when we learn to show greater solidarity towards the poor and the hungry,” said Archbishop Chullikatt. “Hunger is not just a technical problem awaiting technological solutions. Hunger is a human problem that demands solutions based on our common humanity.”

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DealBook – Chad Bray – ING Moves Closer To Repaying State Aid – 30 October 2013


(Lucas : The story of the banks… not wanna go bust, get a bail-out from the taxpayer, enrich yourselves in between on building new profits and then sell the bailout you can see as a cheap loan from the taxpayer back and get back making huge profits on taxpayers monies that now gets privatised by a sell-off… and the game goes on…There are no ethic in this… and for future problems we now got bail ins and austerity to leverage all to humans that they even rob accounts and pensions from. We need a clean up from all financial institutions and bring them back under the control of the people and not a government, institutions like EU, FED , BIS or whatever….  back to service to humans,  the value and money was in the first place from all humans not the banks nor the (corporate) governments or whomever thinks to have a claim to what is from god/source given.)

LONDON — The Dutch financial services group ING said on Wednesday that it would pay 1.13 billion euros ($1.55 billion) to the Dutch government in November as it moves closer to repaying the state aid it received during the financial crisis.

As of its next payment on Nov. 6, ING will have repaid €8.5 billion in principal of the €10 billion it received from the Dutch government in 2008, plus an additional €2.8 billion in interest and premiums.

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