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Steve Lendman – Heading For War With Russia? – 31 January 2015

StevelendmanUkraine is the epicenter of possible European war. Ongoing events should scare everyone.
Kiev’s war on Donbas rages. Area freedom fighters continue routing its military. It’s desperate for more Western support.
Wanting greater numbers of US-led NATO boots on the ground than are already involved in fighting.
Three recent regime false flags didn’t achieve Kiev’s objective. Perhaps something major is planned. A Kiev 9/11.

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Laura Bruno – Door Number 7: The Lovers – 31 January 2015


I have updated this portal door, and the people viewing it privately have felt such healing and powerful integration from it that I thought I’d reblog the original post from April 2010 with the updates I made in January 2015. It remains an ongoing portal in the sense that I know the next step but have been told to wait before painting it. Meanwhile, I had waited for at least 3.5 years to update this most recent part, knowing what to paint, but again being told to wait, as it wasn’t yet time. Revising the portal right before Mercury went Retrograde triggered a huge cleanse in me, as well. More on that another time, perhaps. 🙂 Continue reading

ActivistPost – State Department Discusses Banning Alternative Media Outlet – 31 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comJustin King
Activist Post

The US State Department has openly discussed shutting down RT, the Russian news network.

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was asked about the idea of shutting the company down at a meeting at the Brookings Institution. She said no, paying lip service to Freedom of Speech, but citing RT’s limited reach as the real reason.

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Laura Bruno – This Is What Fearlessness Looks Like: Confronting Kissinger And McCain – 31 January 2015


You’re going to arrest truthtelling protestors instead of your fellow war criminal?! Why am I not surprised? This is one kind of rudeness of which even the faeries approve. Because all those bombs the ogre rained down on all those people weren’t exactly a health tonic for Mother Earth, either. Thanks to Ann and Lance. I totally agree with everything Ann says here. Continue reading

ActivistPost – The Coming Biological Infowar: US Proposes DNA Database – 31 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comTony Cartalucci
Activist Post

The US is proposing a government-backed DNA database composed of over a million volunteers’ genetic material. RT would report in their article, “Got genes: Obama proposes genetic biobank of 1mn Americans’ DNA to fight disease,” that:

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Chevron To Stop Shale Gas Drilling In Poland Due To Bleak Prospects – 31 January 2015

RT logoAmerican energy giant Chevron announced it will discontinue its shale gas project in Poland as it no longer makes business sense. The company previously canceled drilling projects in the Arctic and in Ukraine.

“The opportunities here no longer compete favorably with other opportunities in Chevron’s global portfolio,” the company said in a statement.

Not only Chevron’s Polish unit has changed mind about the perspectives of shale drilling, Reuters points out.

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Jon Rappoport – Power Outside The Matrix: Beyond Mind Control – 31 January 2015

jon7There are two major effects of overall mind control.

The first is the distracting and confusing of thought processes.

This is defeated and kept at bay by logic, a discipline employed by Plato 2400 years ago and refined by his student, Aristotle.

Today, logic needs to be expanded and updated to deal with the flood of information and misinformation we encounter every day. Continue reading