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Things You Need To Know About The Super Bowl That Have Nothing To Do With Football – 31 January 2015

RT logoTens of thousands of people are expected to descend upon Glendale, Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, but one of America’s most popular events has become much more than a simple sports game.

While the main attractions remain the football game, the halftime show, and the millions of dollars spent on creative commercials, not everything about the event is as fun to digest as a plate of fried food and ice-cold beer.

With some 60,000 people packing into the University of Phoenix Stadium and tens of thousands of others visiting the Glendale and Phoenix area, the Super Bowl has become a genuine security concern for the American government. At the same time, serious questions have been raised about everything from the use of taxpayer funds to a potential spike in sex trafficking.

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ZeroHedge – Caught On Tape: Dijsselbloem To Varoufakis: “You Just Killed Troika” – 31 January 2015

ZeroHedgeAmid ‘turmoiling’ stock markets on Friday, CNBC’s Simon Hobbs summed up the status quo’s thinking on the new Greek leadership when he noted, somewhat angrily and shocked, “The Greeks are not even trying to reassure the markets,” seeming to have entirely forgotten (and who can blame him in this new normal the world has been force-fed for 6 years) that political leaders are elected for the good of the people (by the people) not for the markets. Yesterday saw the clearest example yet of Europe’s anger that the Greeks may choose their own path as opposed to following the EU’s non-sovereign leadership’s demands when the most uncomfortable moment ever caught on tape – the moment when Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem (he of the “template” foot in mouth disease) stood up at the end of the EU-Greece press conference, awkwardly shook hands with Greece’s new finance minister, and whispered…”you have just killed the Troika,” to which Varoufakis responded… “wow!”

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NATO To Deploy Extra Troops In 6 E. European Member States – 31 January 2015

RT logoNATO is expected to station additional soldiers in six member states in Eastern Europe as part of its new anti-Russian strategy. The units would be small, but involved in possible deployment of the alliance’s future ‘rapid response’ force.

The additional NATO troops would be posted to the three Baltic states, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland, NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Friday.

Each unit would consist of 40 to 50 troops comprised in roughly equal parts of soldiers from the host nation and those from other NATO members Reuters reported, citing an alliance diplomat.

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India Successfully Tests Its Most Powerful Intercontinental Ballistic Missile – 31 January 2015

RT logoIndia’s nuclear deterrent forces have conducted a successful launch of a new version of nation’s long-range Agni-5 ballistic missile. The peculiarity of the new missile is that it is launched from a launch canister mounted on a movable platform.

The launch was performed at 8:09 am local time (2:39 am GMT) from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) situated on Wheeler Island off the coast of Odisha state in the east of the country.

“The missile, witnessed a flawless ‘auto launch’ and detailed results will be known after all data retrieved from different radars and network systems,” said ITR Director MVKV Prasad, as quoted by Press Trust of India (PTI).

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ZeroHedge – ECB Threatens Athens With Bank Funding Cutoff If No Deal In One Month: February 28 Is Now D-Day For Greece – 31 January 2015

ZeroHedgeAs Deutsche Bank’s George Saravelos politely puts it, “Developments since the Greek election on Sunday have moved very fast.” And indeed, so far the new Tsipras cabinet, and here we focus on the words and deeds of the new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, has shown that the market’s greatest hope – that the status quo in Greece will continue – has been crushed into a pulp (and so have Greek stock and bond prices) especially following yesterday’s most recent comments by the finmin in which he said that Greece “does not want the $7 billion” from the Troika agreement and that it wants to “rethink the whole program”, culminating with an epic exchange with Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem in which Greece made it clear that the “constructive talks” are over.

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AirAsia Captain Left Seat To Fix Computer System Before Jet Lost Control – Reports – 31 January 2015

RT logoThe captain of the crashed AirAsia jet was out of his seat right before the plane plunged into the sea, conducting an “unusual” procedure when his co-pilot apparently lost control, making it too late to save the plane by the time he returned.

Two people close to the investigation told Reuters that it was the Indonesian captain Iriyanto who tried to cope with maintenance problems on the Flight Augmentation Computer (FAC), rather than his French co-pilot Remy Plesel, who was less experienced, while flying the plane in turbulent weather conditions.

READ MORE: Weather blamed as ‘triggering factor’ in AirAsia crash

The Airbus A320 jet, that lost contact with air traffic control during a flight between Surabaya, Indonesia and Singapore on December 28, had reportedly been suffering from key computer faults for over a week. FAC is responsible for the rudder control, safety limits in particular, and when its power is cut, pilots turn to manual control.

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Scuffles, Dozens Arrested As Crowds Protest Vienna’s Right Party-Funded Ball – 31 January 2015

RT logoPolice have arrested over 50 demonstrators in Vienna, who were protesting against a ball, sponsored by the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria. Six policemen were injured during scuffles, while around 5,000 people attended the protest.

Organizers of the protests say that around 10,000 demonstrators were present, while police said only half this figure turned up. Seven people were injured during the protest – six law enforcement officers and one demonstrator, while over 50 arrests were made, DPA news agency reported.

“This is not a harmless dance event, but a meeting where Europe’s extreme right comes to network,” said one of the left-wing activists who organized the protests.

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John Ward – DEUTSCHE BANK: A Disaster Waiting To Happen…And It’s No Accident – 31 January 2015

JohnWThis is Deutsche Bank’s transparency track record in recent years:

* The US Federal Reserve Bank of New York questioned the bank’s reporting procedures and “myriad oversights” in late 2013.

* Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) placed Deutsche Bank’s London office under “enhanced supervision” last August, and fined it £4.7m for “reporting failures”.

* Yesterday, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority said it had begun an inquiry into whether Deutsche Bank violated German securities regulations in disclosing its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2014 last Thursday. Continue reading

CIA Tested 25 Bombs Before Helping Mossad Kill Top Hezbollah Figure – Report – 31 January 2015

RT logoThe US helped Mossad assassinate a top Hezbollah figure in Syria in 2008 by lending bomb expertise and surveillance on the ground, Washington Post reported. The joint operation marked CIA’s post-9/11 drift toward modern-day drone killings.

The death of Imad Mughniyah on February 2008 was initially pinned on the Israelis. Hezbollah’s international operations chief, he was suspected of having a hand in many terrorist attacks, including the 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy and the 1994 attack on a Jewish community center, both in Argentina.

The suspicion that the CIA may have been involved in the assassination arose on several occasions. But now the newspaper Washington Post reports that this indeed was the case, citing five former US intelligence officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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NYPD Reversal: Anti-Terror Unit Armed With Machine Guns Won’t Police Protesters – 31 January 2015

RT logoOne day after saying a newly-created police unit armed with machine guns would police protesters, the New York Police Department has backtracked, saying the unit will only work on counter-terror initiatives.

Chief of Department James O’Neill told the New York Daily News that the new counter-terror unit “will not be involved in handling protests and demonstrations. They’ll have no role in protests. Their response is single-fold. They’ll be doing counter-terror work. They’ll be assigned to different posts throughout the city.”

The reversal comes shortly after New York Police Department Commissioner William Bratton announced the new 350-strong unit – dubbed the Strategic Response Group – during a press conference at a Police Foundation event. The unit would be dedicated to “disorder control and counterterrorism protection capabilities,” with police citing attacks like the hostage situation in Sydney as examples where it would be deployed.

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