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Russia’s 5th Largest Oil Company To Return To State Ownership – 31 October 2014

RT logoThe Russian government has won court approval to seize shares in Bashneft, the country’s fifth largest oil company, after the CEO of the holding company was accused of illicitly privatizing the company’s assets.

Moscow’s Arbitration Court ruled in favor of prosecutors who said the privatization sale of Bashneft to local authorities in the early 2000s was illegal, along with the subsequent sale in 2009 to Russia’s largest publicly traded company the AFK Sistema conglomerate, controlled by tycoon Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

Billionaire Yevtushenkov’s AFK Sistema must return the shares to the state following the court’s decision on Thursday. The ruling will come into effect in a month unless Sistema appeals, in which case it will go to a higher court.

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Hungary Axes Internet Tax After Mass Protests – 31 October 2014

RT logoThe Hungarian government has shelved a proposed tax on internet traffic after mass protests gripped Budapest. Earlier they suggested capping it, but this half-measure didn’t appease the protesters.

“This tax in its current form cannot be introduced. The government wanted to extend a telecommunications tax, but the people see it as an internet tax,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told public Radio Kossuth on Friday.

“If the people not only dislike something but also consider it unreasonable then it should not be done … The tax code should be modified.”

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ZeroHedge – Let Me Get This Straight… – 31 October 2014

ZeroHedgeLet me get this straight…FOMC stops buying securities in the open market and the world falls apart, right? WOW.  Are you folk’s economists, traders, or just a bit naive? I get the notion of negative sentiment, large fed balance sheets, “potential” global economic slowdown, and blending the nuances into an applicable portfolio model.

Do you folks really believe that its core, the fed and its respective governors, analysts, modelers, connections to Wall Street, are focused on anything other than returning the US economy back to a something resembling a sustainable growth rate? Seriously.

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Russia’s Central Bank Lifts Key Interest Rate To 9.5% To Revive Roiling Ruble – 31 October 2014

RT logoThe key lender raised its key rate to 9.5 percent, a 1.5 percent jump from the last increase in July. The bank said the decision greatly weighed on external conditions, such as low oil prices, sanctions, and the weakening ruble, changed “significantly.”

“In September and October, the external conditions have changed significantly: the price of oil sharply dropped amid several individual countries have imposed stricter sanctions on a large number of Russian companies. Under these conditions the ruble is weakening, and the introduction of the import ban on certain foodstuffs in August has led to further acceleration in consumer prices, the Russian Central Bank (CBR) said in a press release Friday.

The rate went up 150 basis points. The last time the bank increased the rate was in July, when it was hiked 50 basis points to 8 percent. In April, the bank unexpectedly raised its key rate to 7.5 percent.

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Psychopaths To Maintain Order After Massive Nuke Attack – Home Office Docs – 31 October 2014

RT logoA clandestine Home Office experiment in 1982 tested Britain’s capacity to rebuild after a catastrophic nuclear assault. Previously secret files, made public by the National Archives, document proposals to keep order using psychopathic recruits.

The exercise, dubbed ‘Regenerate’, was devised to prepare Britain to cope with a massive nuclear attack. The project aimed to create back-up measures in the event of a World War Three scenario.

Establishment officials imagined a situation where a nuclear exchange had devastated Britain’s major cities, causing millions of casualties and widespread radiation poisoning.

The Cold War experiment’s strategic means of dealing with such a disaster entailed assembling and recruiting a large group of officials, who would report to 12 carefully selected commissioners. Under the project, swathes of police officers, state officials, military officers and fire services were to be stationed beneath them.

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Lucas – Solar Update – 31 October 2014

SDO AIA 131After my last update on the 28th October there were only M Flares following up each other. On the 29th M Flares magnitudes: 1.01, 1.251.49, 1.03, 1.32, 2.32 with the 30th followed by magnitudes : 1.363.56, 1.25. My feeling is that the series of flares will keep up for a while.

source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com

Patricia Cota-Robles – You Can Make A Difference! – 31 October 2014

patriciacotaroblesIn the United States of America we are in the midst of midterm elections. I know everybody is more than disgusted with this process and the incredible reports of greed, corruption, and negativity we are being bombarded with in the media. There is absolutely no doubt that our political system is completely broken, but the only way we can move forward in the Light is to do something about it. That statement probably makes you even more frustrated, but please contemplate the following information from the Company of Heaven.

There is a purging process taking place on this Planet that is unprecedented in the history of time. Everything that conflicts with the patterns of perfection for the New Earth is being pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into Light. What we are witnessing as far as the governments of the World are concerned is the antithesis of what government will be like on the New Earth. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 962 – New World Next Week With James Evan Pilato – 31 October 2014

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Hyper Report – 141030 – Desperate Measures – 31 October 2014

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UK Column News Wednesday 29th October – 31 October 2014

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