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3DPrintingIndustry – Free Form Metal 3D Printer Is A 3Doodler On Steroids – 21 February 2014

3D Printing Industry

By Michael Molitch-Hou

In May of last year, Juho relayed news of a free form 3D printer called Mataerial, by Petr Novikov and Saša Jokić from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and Joris Laarman Studio. The machine, a material extruding robot arm, can print layer by layer onto any surface at any angle by using a fast-curing resin. Since then, the project has evolved to print metal.

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3DPrintingIndustry – NASA Takes 3D Printing To Next Logical Conclusion: 3D Printed Trees – 15 February 2014

3D Printing Industry

In August of last year, we released a story about how chief scientist of synthetic biology at the NASA Ames Research Center, Lynn Rothschild, and her PhD student, Diana Gentry, were working on a project to 3D print “biomaterials out of thin air.” The team has been hard at work, using the $100,000 from their NIAC grant and have relayed some of their progress towards 3D printing synthetic biomaterials using cellular arrays.

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3DPrintingIndustry – Printrbot’s New (Made Of) Metal 3D Printer – 14 February 2014

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3DPrintingIndustry – The World’s “First” 3D-Printed House Begins Construction – 23 January 2014

By On Wed, January 22, 2014 ·

In March of last year, Ari gave an in-depth review of the 3D Print Canal House, what is projected to be the “first” 3D printed house.  At that point in time, the architects of Dutch firm DAS had built the printer, titled KamerMaker XL (Dutch for “room maker”), and were in the process of printing 1:20 scale parts the building. Less than a year has passed and DAS is moving onto the big show, the actual 3D printing of the components for the “first” 3D printed house.

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