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Mish / Mike Shedlock – Competing Views: Grexit Would Be “Lehman Squared” vs. No Problem; Where To Point The Finger When It Blows – 4 January 2015

MishMikeShedlockThere’s an amusing pair of headlines back-to-back today on what a Greek exit from the Eurozone might mean.

One view is catastrophic, the others is along the lines of no problem. Let’s start with the catastrophe.

Economic historian Barry Eichengreen says Greek Euro Exit Would be ‘Lehman Brothers Squared.

A decision by a new Greek government to leave the eurozone would set off devastating turmoil in financial markets even worse than the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, a leading international economist warned Saturday. Continue reading

Germany Believes Eurozone Can Survive Greece Exit – Report – 4 January 2015

RT logoGermany believes the eurozone is now stable enough and has sufficient rescue mechanisms to survive the potential ramifications of Greece leaving the single currency union, Der Spiegel reports citing sources in the German government.

With just three weeks before Greeks go to the snap polls on January 25, the German leadership apparently takes yet another opportunity to remind their Mediterranean partners the eurozone can survive without them.

Calling a potential Greek exit “manageable”, both Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble are adamant that the EU has implemented all necessary reforms since the crisis in Greece first erupted, in order to handle Greece exit from the single currency, Der Spiegel reported citing sources in the German government.

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Quadrantid Meteor Shower Lights Up The Skies – 4 January 2015

RT logoThe annual Quadrantid meteor shower is peaking this weekend over the night of January 3 – 4, during which avid space enthusiasts could spot up to 80 shooting stars per hour.

Peak activity is short-lived and very intense, despite the entire show lasting between December 28 last year and January 12 this year.

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – How Much Did Your Rent Go Up in 2014? What’s Your Expectation for 2015? – 4 January 2015

MishMikeShedlockIf you are a renter, how much did your rent go up this past year? What’s your expectation for 2015?

Let’s explore those questions starting with a chart on rent from the MarketWatch article Here’s What Americans Spent on Rent this Year.

Cumulative Rent Growth

In isolation, the chart is misleading because it included growth in rent collected which varies by population increases. It does not reflect percentage increases in base rent. Continue reading

Suspected Al-Qaeda Terrorist Dies Just Before Trial In New York – 4 January 2015

RT logoA man suspected of being a terrorist and scheduled to go on trial in a matter of days has died in New York. Captured by the US in Libya in 2013, he was being held on charges of participating in US embassy bombings in 1998.

Libyan Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai (also known as Abu Anas al-Libi) was due to begin trial for the bombings outside the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya during which 224 people died, 12 of whom were Americans, and two of whom had been CIA employees. Jury selection would have begun on January 12.

Indicted by a New York grand jury in 2000, Ruqai has been on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Most Wanted Terrorist list for over a decade with a $5m (£3.1m) bounty on his head.

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Israel May File War Crimes Suit, Freeze $127Mn In Tax Transfer After Palestine’s ICC Push – 4 January 2015

RT logoIsrael may file its own war crimes suits to foreign courts against top Palestinian officials and freeze the transfer of monthly tax revenues to Palestine in response to its application to the International Criminal Court, Israeli official sources said.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, his Palestinian Authority and other senior officials may be sued by Israel in courts in the US and other countries, an Israeli official told AFP. However, he didn’t specify where and when the legal proceedings against the Palestinian leadership would be launched.

Abbas should be prosecuted for his partnership in a Palestinian national consensus government with Hamas, which makes him an accomplice to the Islamist militant group’s rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, the source declared.

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ZeroHedge – Gundlach Sees 10Y Treasury Testing 1.38% In 2015, Warns Of “Trouble Ahead” – 4 January 2015

ZeroHedgeHaving totally and utterly failed in 2014, the consensus for 2015 is once again higher rates (well they can’t go any lower right?) with year-end 2015 expectations of 3.006% currently (having already plunged from over 3.65% in July). However, at the other end of the spectrum, DoubleLine’s Jeff Gundlach told Barron’s this weekend, the 10-yr Treasury yield may test the 2012 low of 1.38% as the Fed’s short-term rate increase is poised to trigger “surprising flattening” of yield curve.

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Thousands Flee As Wildfires Rampage Through Australia – 4 January 2015

RT logoDownload video (8.79 MB)

Thousands of Australians are fleeing their homes as wildfires tear through the south of the country, prompting officials to declare a major emergency and advise people to leave the “extremely dangerous” area.

Strong winds have contributed to the rapid spread of the flames, as have dry weather conditions and temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius. This has been called Australia’s worst since the Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983.

The most severe of the fires was in South Australia’s Adelaide Hills where the flames had incinerated five homes. Across South Australia, CFS state coordinator Brenton Eden said that seven homes have been destroyed in total – a number which could go up overnight, Eden told 891 ABC Adelaide.\

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‘US Pursuing Political Agenda, Not Justice, Sanctioning N.Korea Over Sony Hack’ – 4 January 2015

RT logoEric Draitser is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City and the founder of StopImperialism.com.

The US is not interested in proper investigation into Sony hack as it uses this issue as a political weapon, geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser told RT, adding that sanctions against North Korea will not affect it much as the country is already isolated.

The sanctions were announced on Friday after the FBI and the White House concluded North Korea was responsible for the massive computer intrusion the networks of Sony Pictures Entertainment suffered in late November. Terabytes of stolen data have since made its way to the web, embarrassing the Hollywood firm, and online threats concerning the scheduled Christmas Eve release of “The Interview,” an anti-Kim comedy, that still failed to keep the film from being screened. North Korea, however, rejected the accusations and proposed a joint investigation with the United States into the hack attack.

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ZeroHedge – How Police Are Revamping Their Tactics – 4 January 2015

ZeroHedgeThis satirical look at how the police in America ‘might be’ revamping their tactics brought to you by The Onion,

In the wake of widespread protests against police brutality and discrimination, law enforcement departments across the country are instituting new rules and policies to ensure safer practices.

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