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Global Voice 2012 Radio – Blogtalkradio – Drake’s Mid-Week Update – 4th Of July Celebration! – 4 July 2012

6pm CENTRAL USA =  European Mainland –  5 July 2012  01.oo AM
4th of July Celebration! – “Sit Back and Watch the Fireworks” ~Drake
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Steve Beckow – Memo (On Things Happening) – 4 July 2012

Some readers have written in and pointed out that there seems to be a disconnect between what SaLuSa says and what Archangel Michael has said in Monday’s An Hour with an Angel.  I do hear you and I do get the apparent disconnect. AAM says the cabal will be contained and SaLuSa says they will be arrested.

AAM paints a scenario in which not much is seen while SaLuSa paints a scenario of apparent dramatic action. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – A Beast Approaches – 4 July 2012

Uploaded on4 July 2012 by Continue reading