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California County Votes To Secede From The State – 4 June 2014

RT logoResidents of a northern California county on Tuesday voted in favor of a measure that will now force local officials to consider a plan to secede from the state and form a new entity named Jefferson.

That decision — one of three related matters being considered by voters across the Golden State on Tuesday this week — passed by 55.74 percent in Tehama County, with nearly 1,000 more ballots cast towards seceding from California compared to staying.

Elsewhere in the state, however, secessionist efforts in northern California largely failed this week when voters in two of three counties where the issue was up for debate voted against formally beginning the process to separate and start a new state.

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Bashar Assad Wins Syria Presidential Election With 88.7% Of Vote – 4 June 2014

RT logoBashar Assad has won a landslide victory in the Syrian presidential poll with 88.7 percent of the vote. This will secure him a third seven-year term in office amidst a bloody civil war, which stemmed from protests against his rule.

I declare the victory of Dr Bashar Hafez Assad as president of the Syrian Arab Republic with an absolute majority of the votes cast in the election,” parliament speaker Mohammad Laham said in a televised address from his office in the Syrian parliament.

A total of 10.2 million people voted for Assad. The voter turnout stood at 73.42 percent. No violations have been reported, Syria’s Higher Judicial Committee for Elections said as quoted by SANA news agency.

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NRA Publically Apologizes For Criticizing Texas ‘Open Carry’ Movement – 4 June 2014

RT logoAbout one week after the National Rifle Association called the “open carry” gun movement in Texas “downright scary,” the powerful gun organization has backtracked and issued an apology.

Speaking on one of the group’s radio programs, Chris Cox of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action said his organization “unequivocally” supports open carry – the right of an individual to openly carry a firearm into public spaces – dismissing a statement to the contrary as the opinion of a particular staff member.

“It’s a distraction,” Cox said, according to Talking Points Memo. “There was some confusion, we apologize, again, for any confusion that that post caused.”

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Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For June 4, 2014 – 4 June 2014

Uploaded on 4 June 2014 by Tom Lescher It’s hard to face limitation, I can kick and scream and complain,
But sometimes Source needs to use a straightjacket, Before I am willing to change. This week’s first quarter square Moon opposes Chiron creating a “T square”. That, along with Venus squaring Black Moon Lilith symbolizes the struggle between unharnessed self expression wanting to break free and the “Invisible Hand” seemingly taking the wind out of our sails for mysterious, unknown, but important, “reasons.” May you feed both yourself and world thereby creating a reality where none are found lacking. Music by http://www.michellequreshi.com

TheAustralian – Vatican Defended An Accused Priest – 4 June 2014

The Australian

By Dan Box

THE Vatican’s influence on local cases of alleged child sex abuse will be scrutinised later this month when the Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, gives evidence about his handling of allegations against a former priest.

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TheIndependent – Madeleine McCann Latest: Police Erect Tent And Begin Digging In Portugal Scrubland Search – 4 June 2014

The Independent

British police in Praia da Luz begin third day of search

By James Legge

Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal seven years ago have started digging in the cordoned-off scrubland in Praia da Luz that has become the focal point of their search in recent days.

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TheIndependent – D-Day 70th Anniversary: Ministry Of Defence Releases Rare Aerial Photographs Showing Planning – And Chaos – Of ‘Largest Single Military Operation In The History Of Warfare’ – 4 June 2014

The Independent

By Adam Withnall

Quote: With preparations in full swing for the world to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-day beach landings this Friday, the Ministry of Defence has released a series of photographs that show the chaos of the Normandy assault in fascinating detail.

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