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Sacred Spiral Of Light – Eileen – Bill Ballard – 3rd May – 4 May 2013

cropped-sekhmet1– oops … apologies for the date I posted earlier ☺ the American date thing kind of threw me a wee bit there … this video is dated 5/3 … which is 3/5 in our language … it is one of those tomAto … tom-ar-to things ;-)

This video is great to watch for the swallow tail kite flying above Bill  (which is a wonderful sign! )… and his fabulous accent .. especially when he says `Exposez’  ☺.. which , I feel, is a great word for what many are doing in exposing the truth … or what David Icke calls the `truth vibrations’ … as well as what Bill Ballard actually has to say too which is very interesting particularly, I feel, what he has to say about `family’ … and also what he has to say about the current energies as what he says is how I felt yesterday when I was out and heard the words … `we’re doing this.’ Continue reading