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Ben Fulford Calls Iraqi Dinars a Scam

By Steve Beckow via SteveBeckow.com

I have mixed feelings about posting this comment from Ben Fulford but I know a lot of people have invested in dinars and so I post it in the hopes that what Ben says here is accurate. But I can’t vouch for its accuracy. I have no additional information on the Iraqi dinar investment than what Ben says here.

Certainly the allegation that the “White hats,” if that term means the Earth allies, are “run by Bush operatives” cannot be true. But Ben may mean something that I don’t know about by his use of the term “White hats.” Whatever the case, do use discernment. Thanks to Krystael.


From: Fulford Benjamin

To: bellringerfourwinds10.com

Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2011 9:07 PM

Subject: RE: Fulford

Hi Casper,My sources MI6 confirm the White hats are run by Bush operatives. Cotrell and Hodges were behind Christopher story and I believe we may be able to reach some sort of deal with them. My source is not allowed to name Mr. T at present pending approval from an agency source but I can say he is an ex-marine CIA guy working directly for Bush Senior. He is pushing the Dinar scam. Please tell everybody to stay away from the Dinar. The Bushes bought up all the Dinars at pennies for the dollar after they invaded and destroyed that country murdering close to 2 million innocent people.They are pushing it in order to con people out of their money. Mr. T also said he calls the Japanese Emperor twice a week and that the Emperor has never heard of me. That is BS, I have had messages hand delivered to him. The imperial family here is split into two factions, one supporting the old and one the new. There will be a showdown soon to settle things here.As far as the dollar being accepted goes, my understanding is that there are several locations where US dollars are printed including Japan, Shenzen Province in China and Indonesia. The dollars being printed in the US by the Fed are only being accepted inside cabal controlled countries of the G5 and their 30 or so client states. It is a shell game with them constantly trying to launder their dollars elsewhere.However, I have directly confirmed cases of some dollars being refused by banks here in Japan because they had the wrong serial numbers. We have a guy in the BIS Bank of International Settlements who they have tried to kill twice once it was a Vincenzo Massaro of the Italian P2 lodge and a commander of the Teutonic knights was caught near his house with a sophisticated lock picking device and a gun who says they will shut down all the trading platforms in November to try to purge the bad guys from the system once and for all.We all want to get these scum out of the financial system ASAP.Please feel free to publish this.Benjamin Fulford

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