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Intel Agencies Warn Terrorists May Hijack Air India Flight, Airports On High Alert – 5 January 2015

RT logoAfter receiving an anonymous tipoff, Indian intelligence agencies have warned the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) that terrorists may imminently target an Air India flight, and airports throughout the country were put on high alert.

The alert has been sounded at major Indian airports, such as Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, according to the Times of India newspaper.

The warning that caused a tightening of security came a day after an anonymous telephone call to an Air India city booking office in Kolkata, local police said.

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Hyper Report – 150104 – Ponzi Pensions – 5 January 2015

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NASA Detects Enormous ‘Coronal Hole’ On Sun’s South Pole – 5 January 2015

Image from nasa.gov

Image  from nasa.gov

A giant dark hole has appeared on the sun’s flaming surface, a recently-taken NASA picture has revealed. So far, scientists are stumped by why this spectacular phenomenon, known as a “coronal hole,” occurs.

The Sun starts 2015 with an enormous coronal hole near the South Pole,” scientists of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory wrote in their blog, having posted a picture of the flaming sun with a gaping dark space in its lower part.

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What modern science knows is that “coronal holes” are places where particles leave the sun’s surface at huge speeds – of up to 500 miles per hour (800 kilometers per hour). What’s still unclear is why this is happening.

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John Ward – Revealed : How We’re Paying For Politicians To Lie To Us – 5 January 2015

goebbels‘GOVERNMENT’ ADVERTISING: the line between politics and governance has disappeared in Britain.

I spent most of my working life in the advertising business, and almost a quarter of that time in total was spent working with government departments policed by the Central Office of Information (COI). As part of a programme of downsizing government, the COI was abolished many years ago. Thus there is now no policing going on at all. Dan Hannan and other deregulation fanatics, take note.

The policing played an extremely important role on two levels: first, it saved taxpayers millions of Pounds by ring-fencing all ‘Government’ adspend, thus protecting it from political point-scoring; and second – for me, more important – it ensured that State power could not be wielded in the media to Party advantage through advertising. Continue reading

Iran ‘Thwarts Mossad Attempt To Assassinate Nuclear Scientist’ – 5 January 2015

RT logoIran claims it has foiled an assassination attempt against one of its nuclear scientists by the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad. A senior Iranian security official said the Revolutionary Guards thwarted the attempt.

“In the last two years, the Zionist enemy (Israel) was trying hard to assassinate an Iranian nuclear scientist, but the timely presence of the IRGC security forces thwarted the terrorist operation,” the Deputy Chief Liaison Officer of Flight Guards Corps, Colonel Yaqoub Baqeri told Iran’s Fars news agency on Saturday.

Baqeri added that the Revolutionary Guards were “duty-bound to protect the lives of the country’s nuclear scientists.”

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IDF Says Soldiers’ Suicides Doubled In 2014, ‘Unrelated’ To Gaza War – 5 January 2015

RT logoSuicides among soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces have doubled in 2014, according to an official report. The Israeli military has denied any connection between the upsurge and the escalating Gaza conflict.

Accoding to the report released by the IDF Manpower Division, 15 soldiers took their own lives last year, more than twice the seven suicides in 2013.

Manpower Division Chief of Staff Gen. Gadi Agmon stated in the report that “there has been an increase in cases of suspected suicide.”

He said there was an investigation for every suspected suicide.

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ZeroHedge – “Now There’s Not Even Soap” Maduro Heads To China To ‘Save’ Socialist Utopia Venezuela – 5 January 2015

 ZeroHedgeSocial media is awash with striking images of #EmptyShelvesInVenezuela (#AnaquelesVaciosEnVenezuela) as the evaporation of basic human staples such as toilet paper has now been hyperinflated to total chaos at warehouses and supermarkets. As President Maduro decries the loss of $100 oil “stability”, vowing to return oil prices to their rightful places (and heads to China for help), lines reach for miles for milk and soap… and the people defy governmental bans on photographing empty market shelves“We couldn’t find shampoo, so we washed our hair with soap. Now there’s not even soap.”

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Serial Murderer & Rapist To Be Euthanized In Belgium Over ‘Psychological Suffering’ – 5 January 2015

RT logoA serial murderer and rapist, who has spent 30 years in prison, is set to be euthanized in Belgium on January 11. He has asked to die due to his “unbearable” psychological suffering, local media reports.

Fifty-year-old Frank Van Den Bleeken has been convicted of repeated rape and murder, and the“euthanasia will indeed be implemented”in the northwestern town of Bruges, a justice ministry spokeswoman told local De Morgen newspaper.

“Now the time has come,” she said.

Van Den Bleeken’s euthanasia request was approved in September, but no date for the procedure was set then.

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2 Quakes With More Than A Dozen Aftershocks Strike North Of Los Angeles – 5 January 2015

RT logoTwo earthquakes, of 4.2 and 3.0 in magnitude, have occurred 80 kilometers to the north of Los Angeles, generating over a dozen aftershocks.

The first tremor shook the area at about 7:00 pm local time on Saturday (3:00 am GMT on Sunday). It occurred 13 kilometers from the town of Castaic, and was reported to be a foreshock to the second tremor.

It happened at 7:18 pm local time on Saturday (3:18 am GMT on Sunday), about 10 kilometers from the town of Castaic and 80 kilometers from Los Angeles, the US Geological Survey reported.

Initially, the magnitude of the second tremor was reported at 4.5.

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WesternJournalism.com – Hillary Clinton Faces Criminal Charges In Egypt – 5 January 2014

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a5/Hillary_Clinton_speaking_at_Families_USA.jpgAccording to a recent report by World Net Daily, expected 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is embroiled in yet another international scandal. Still reeling from what many perceive as a botched response to the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, reports indicate the former secretary of state is being investigated by Egypt’s attorney general.

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