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UN Security Council: Why Is The Veto Right So Important? – 5 October 2014

RT logoDr Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Deputy foreign minister (2005-2011).

There is an ongoing discussion of Security Council reform, including the issue of the veto right.

The veto right, or the UN Charter’s requirement for the SC Permanent Members’ unanimity, remains the cornerstone of the UN system, which was created to guard peace and security after the Second World War.

It would be easy to destroy it, but there is no workable alternative at the moment. This is not a privilege, but a reflection of the high responsibility of the P5 for maintaining peace and security, which reflects both the historic contribution that the Permanent Members made to establishing the UN and their continued practical role in the world. At the same time it reflects the wisdom of the founding fathers of the UN who foresaw a multi-centric world order, which is a reality now.

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Pakistani Taliban Pledges Support To ISIS As Coordinated West-Hatred Gains Momentum – 5 October 2014

RT logoThe threat of a formidable Islamic State grows, as the Pakistani Taliban pledged support to the fearsome terrorist group and urged other Middle Eastern extremists to be part of the effort to repel the alleged Western campaign against Islam.

As the Muslim world celebrated the holy festival of Eid al-Adha, the Pakistani branch of the Taliban (TTP) has expressed their support for the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in an email to Reuters, sent from an unknown location.

“Oh our brothers, we are proud of you in your victories. We are with you in your happiness and your sorrow,” read the emotional message from their spokesman.

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Dana Mrkich – Lunar Eclipse Lighting Our Fire – 5 October 2014

Dana Colour Pic NewHoly Moly, this Lunar Eclipse in Aries that’s happening on Tues night/Wed morning has been packing a punch for days already, especially if you have any major points or planets ranging in the 12-18 degree vicinity in your natal chart.

Lunar Eclipses are often about inner shifts, realizations and things coming to light that were previously unknown. This Eclipse is conjunct Uranus so this could play out with something really unexpected coming out of left field knocking you sideways. Or, it might just give you a little wobble and you’ll find yourself happily surprised to see how far you’ve come now that things no longer rock you out of your centre quite like they used to. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – “We Call It Democracy, But It’s Not” – 5 October 2014

ZeroHedgeVia Paul Craig Roberts,

Poverty Report Contradicts GDP Claims

It is amazing how the government manages to continue selling Brooklyn Bridges to a gullible public. Americans buy wars they don’t need and economic recoveries that do not exist.

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Breathtaking: New Crystal Steals Oxygen From Air, Paves Way For Long, Long Plunge – 5 October 2014

RT logoDanish scientists have invented a revolutionary crystalline material that can absorb and store oxygen in high concentrations. A bucket of such material can suck the oxygen out of a room, which could potentially wave goodbye to heavy oxygen masks.

Imagine if you could get rid of the bulky scuba tank while taking a dive. Now, imagine practically any task to which the storage and timely release of oxygen is absolutely essential. And you have the new crystal developed at the University of Southern Denmark, with help from the University of Sydney, Australia.

A few microscopic grains are enough for one gulp of air, but a bucketful – or 10 liters – can completely suck the oxygen out of a room.

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Wes Annac – Who Is Ra? – Part 11: The Veil Of Forgetfulness – 1/2 – 5 October 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Previously, we learned a little bit from Ra about the Law of One. We learned that this law’s basically exactly what it sounds like – that we’re all one consciousness that’s been divided into individual personalities, and we’ll return to our ‘status’ as the one infinite creator when our lower-dimensional sojourns are over.

Now, we’re going to learn about the evolutionary progression that naturally occurs in every universe, and we’ll also learn about the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ we willingly took on when we came to the earth. Continue reading

Europol Warning: ‘Internet Of Everything’ Could Lead To ‘Online Murder’ By End Of 2014 – 5 October 2014

RT logoThe EU’s chief criminal intelligence agency warms that the threat of “online murder” is set to rise, with cyber criminals increasingly targeting victims with internet technology.

The European Police Office (Europol) said governments are ill-equipped to counter the menace of “injury and possible deaths” spurred by hacking attacks on critical safety equipment, the UK Independent reported Sunday.

Security experts called for a paradigm shift in forensic science which would react to the ‘Internet of Everything’ (IoE) – the dawning era of technological interconnectedness where increasingly more human activity is mediated through computer networks.

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Anti-Monarchy Rally Hits Madrid, 10 Injured, 3 Arrested – 5 October 2014

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At least 10 people have been injured and three arrested after anti-monarchy protesters clashed with police in the Spanish capital, Madrid. The activists slammed monarchy, saying it’s a “dictatorship” and “corrupt”.At least 500 people gathered in Puerta del Sol, one of the best known and busiest places in the heart of Madrid, reported Ruptly news agency. The activists were demanding reform to the country’s constitution and the abolition of the monarchy.The protesters were holding banners saying “Constituent Processes now! Monarchy is not democracy, it is dictatorship and corruption,” reported El Nuevo Herald newspaper.

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Jon Rappoport – The Matrix Revealed, Exit From The Matrix – 5 October 2014

jon7My investigation of Matrix inevitably leads back to Tibet where, 1500 years ago, exiled teachers from India, who had challenged major premises of the academic culture in their home country, wandered into Tibet and started “schools.”

These schools were very practical in nature. They taught that one’s own experience was paramount, and exercises designed to increase creative power would open doors and reveal secrets about the basis of reality, secrets that had been buried under a welter of ideas that added up to political control.

For a period of time, in Tibet, the control was removed, and as I would put it, infinity was laid out in full view, for those who wanted to see it. Continue reading

Juvenile Arrested For Fake Ebola Tweet – 5 October 2014

Uploaded on 3 October 2014 by Brett Sanders Continue reading