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Anti-Monarchy Rally Hits Madrid, 10 Injured, 3 Arrested – 5 October 2014

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At least 10 people have been injured and three arrested after anti-monarchy protesters clashed with police in the Spanish capital, Madrid. The activists slammed monarchy, saying it’s a “dictatorship” and “corrupt”.At least 500 people gathered in Puerta del Sol, one of the best known and busiest places in the heart of Madrid, reported Ruptly news agency. The activists were demanding reform to the country’s constitution and the abolition of the monarchy.The protesters were holding banners saying “Constituent Processes now! Monarchy is not democracy, it is dictatorship and corruption,” reported El Nuevo Herald newspaper.

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Jon Rappoport – The Matrix Revealed, Exit From The Matrix – 5 October 2014

jon7My investigation of Matrix inevitably leads back to Tibet where, 1500 years ago, exiled teachers from India, who had challenged major premises of the academic culture in their home country, wandered into Tibet and started “schools.”

These schools were very practical in nature. They taught that one’s own experience was paramount, and exercises designed to increase creative power would open doors and reveal secrets about the basis of reality, secrets that had been buried under a welter of ideas that added up to political control.

For a period of time, in Tibet, the control was removed, and as I would put it, infinity was laid out in full view, for those who wanted to see it. Continue reading

Juvenile Arrested For Fake Ebola Tweet – 5 October 2014

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TheAustralian – Defence Minister Warns Of ‘Long’ Campaign In Iraq – 5 October 2014

The Australian

By Rachel Baxendale

DEFENCE Minister David Johnston has conceded Australia is facing “quite a long campaign” in its battle against Islamic State in Iraq.

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ZeroHedge – Jim Grant: We’re In An Era Of “Central Bank Worship” – 5 October 2014

ZeroHedgeBy Henry Bonner of Sprott Global

Jim Grant: We’re in an Era of ‘Central Bank Worship’

Jim Grant is the publisher and editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, a bi-monthly newsletter that he founded in 1983, around the time when bonds were considered some of the worst investments – when they yielded 13 to 15 percent.

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Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Who Are The Twelve? – 5 October 2014

LarryLarsonWho are the Twelve?

We are in all of you. We are not “outside” entities. We are not different than you are. The only difference is that you are focused as these physical forms—you only think you inhabit them: you do not. You inhabit your entire field of life experience as much as you inhabit those bodies.

We are each made of the same stuff; The Twelve, your inner being, your angels and guides, your ancestors, even your friends and neighbors and enemies, are all derived from the same Source. You have probably noticed that “Twelve” is just a convenient name and not a number. That which has no boundaries cannot be counted, so we have no number of the entities that we are at any given time. We change in response to your interaction with us. If you ask an expansive question of us we expand to fill the answer.

You are also without boundaries. Your access to nonphysical knowledge, perspective and being is unlimited. But in order to access it you must expand. Try as we might we just cannot stuff all of that information inside your heads all at the same time. But that’s okay, you cannot canoe the whole river all at once either, and you wouldn’t want to.

So let us share with you some of the differences…  Inner Circle Members click here to continue reading.   Join the Inner Circle to read the full version

~ Twelve

http://www.twelvespirit.net / via newsletter 5 October 2014

Mexico Mass Grave Discovered After Student Protesters Go Missing – 5 October 2014

RT logoA mass grave has been found on the outskirts of Iguala, in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, where 43 students went missing on September 27 following a protest to support the rights of rural teachers.

Authorities are conducting forensic examinations of “up to 20” charred remains discovered on Saturday in an effort to determine if they are the remains of the students, Guerrero Attorney General Inaky Blanco told reporters in Iguala on Saturday.

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The disappearance of the students came after police opened fire on buses carrying the protesters, killing six people. Twenty-two police officers are being held for questioning following the spate of violence, while arrest warrants have been posted for the mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Albarca and his security chief.

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