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Lucas – Thanks Readers! Over 50.000 Visitors In A Short Period – 10 December 2011

I almost forgot to mention it to you all.  In a short period of 5 months I have been visited by more than 50.000 of you who are curious or seek the truth in the light for themselves.

I am grateful for that as I just want to get the message out to you. Still the motto is You are the Ones You have been waiting for. Oneness begins by the self being One or Whole again. You have to find the center balance in all and therefore no more duality is part of you. Remember the connection  you have with your Earth as you do have with you Divine Creator. You are One with all surrounding you as it is part of the Divine and the Divine is part of You also.  Remember that the way to go is  unconditional love for yourself and others as you remember you are the light shining  as a bright star on our celestial firmament.  Continue reading