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Bill Ballard – Cleaning House For The 5D Shift Starts With Ego – 6 February 2012

Dealing with ego is something each must address.To do so we must identify what ego is within the illusion.

The Role And Purpose Of Ego

Ego consists of all we have known, been taught and think ourselves to be. It is the aspect of Self that informs individual and separate experience. These individual experiences feed our souls – the mind aspect of Creator Source – and allow Source to experience and know the lower material levels of consciousness. Continue reading

UFO Report – Auckland, New Zealand 5th February 2012 – 6 February 2012

uploaded by StuTube40 on YouTube 5th February 2012


UFO Report – Northern Illinois, USA 5th February – 6 February 2012

uploaded by TheTubeWhore 5th February 2012