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OpEdNews – Scott Baker – The Great Unraveling Continues – 6 July 2012

TPP — Terrible Policy for the People

The Trans-Pacific Partnership aims to make whole countries into consumers, not just their citizens.   This is a critical difference, in that it makes countries subject to a new tribunal, independent of national judicial systems.   Says Common Dreams: Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Reach Out To Others – 6 July 2012

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Between the continuous bombardment of solar flares these days and feeling the different reactions we are all having to shifting and changing and moving forward with ascension, I think we all may get caught up in ourselves and what is going on, understandably so. I think it is so important to not lose sight of others on the journey who may need help in adjusting to everything being asked of them. It is important to reach out and offer guidance and support to all those in need, especially those who have not yet disconnected from the pitfalls of 3D such as television and its propaganda. These people haven’t got a clue as to what is going on. I cannot imagine going through this journey without any prior knowledge of what is taking place! Continue reading