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BrianKelly’sBlog – Licensed Criminals: FBI Informants Authorized To Break The Law 5,600 Times In One Year – 5 August 2013


brian-kelly27s-blogLicensed criminals: FBI informants authorized to break the law 5,600 times in one year
August 5, 2013http://rt.com/usa/fbi-crimes-informants-scheme-035/

5,600 times in one year eh? I think that might be a typo and they meant to write “in one month or perhaps day even.” The most entertaining quote in this whole article is when a spokeswoman for the FBI was asked to comment and her response was, “the bureau allows its informants to break the law are “situational, tightly controlled.” That’s like the President saying “we only authorize mass murder of innocent civilians on special occasions.” ~BK Continue reading