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Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For August 6 – 7 August 2014

Uploaded on 6 August 2014 by Tom Lescher We are asked to create a new planet, Where we all can live in peace,
I can assist in this process, By listening before I speak. Oh my goodness, are you ready for the full Moon in Aquarius (19) this Sunday? Or are you pooped out and tired of the effort necessary to carry on the task of evolution (your own as well as the planet)? Yup, got some tests in endurance happening here, but the rewards (illumination of past/present dynamics) will be exhilarating for those that hang in there! Don’t back down or give up just yet…. Truth is on the way (music please)! It shall be known (more music)!
Speaking of music, ya gotta love Adey who starts and finishes the report this week …. Check her out at http://adey.bandcamp.com

Laura Bruno – Pr Satish Kumar: Beyond Deep Ecology – 7 August 2014

laura-of-the-rocksI find Satish Kumar’s analogy of the dance of Nature so joyful and right on. Today, a friend stopped by to “survey” my “rain barrel situation.” They are still on our front porch, and he’s going to help me level the ground and get them properly installed. This is someone who helped us move in but hasn’t been here since last year. I happened to be outside weeding when his truck hit the driveway, so I saw his jaw literally drop open before his face transformed into a delighted grin. He leaped out of the truck and declared, “Wow, wow, wow! I can’t believe this! This is incredible.” Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Freedom Movement – 7 August 2014

JamyePrice2012closeupDear One, your inner Movement is your choice of pace, your choice of peace. You create within first and foremost. Your outer action is only ever a response based on your inner experience. When someone says, “I love you,” your inner response determines the flow of your energy, and you unconsciously open or close the flow of your field based on the influence of your past. How does the past influence you? Have you examined the challenges of the past, which are now done, and found the seed of benefit within them and nurtured its growth? Have you looked within the Self and discovered what is being held in the basement of the heart and mind, weighing its flight into the future? Release the past into the light of the sun, for the air (err) awaits the fresh flow. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Europe Furious That Putin Dares To Retaliate To Sanctions, Blames Economic Slide On Kremlin – 7 August 2014

ZeroHedgeEither Europe is run by a bunch of unelected idiots, or… well, that’s about it.

After blindly doing the US’ bidding over all propaganda matters Ukraine-related, and following just as blindly into round after round of US-inspired sanctions, sanctions to whose retaliation Europe would be on the frontline unlike the largely insulated US, Europe appears to be absolutely shocked and is apoplectic that after several rounds of sanction escalations, Russia finally unleashed its own round of sanctions and yesterday announced a 1 year ban on all European food imports, something which will further push Europe into a triple-dip recession as already hinted by Italy yesterday.

In fact, Europe is so stunned by this unexpected “politically-motivated” retaliation by Russia, it issued a press release.

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Russia Bans Agricultural Products From EU, USA, Australia, Norway, Canada – 7 August 2014

RT logoDownload video (25.9 MB)Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on the full ban for imports of beef, pork, poultry meat, fish, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruit from Australia, Canada, the EU, the US and Norway.The ban will last a year, starting August 7.

READ MORE: Putin bans agricultural imports from sanctioning countries for 1 year

The Prime Minister also said Russia has stopped transit flights by Ukrainian airlines to such destinations as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, adding that the country was considering a ban of transit flights for European and US Airlines to the Asia-Pacific region.

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US Missile Cruiser Enters Black Sea Again ‘To Promote Peace’ – 7 August 2014

RT logoUS missile cruiser Vella Gulf has entered the Black Sea in what the American Navy described as a move to “to promote peace and stability in the region.” Moscow has considered any such acts as “offensive.”

The Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf (CG 72) entered the Black Sea on Wednesday as part of the effort to “strengthen the collective security of NATO allies and partners in the region,” according to a statement by the US 6th Fleet.

“The US Navy’s forward presence in Europe allows us to work with our allies and partners to develop and improve ready maritime forces capable of maintaining regional security,” the statement reads.

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InquiringMinds – The Truth About Israel’s New War On Gaza – The Energy Rush – MEM Via Cameron – 7 August 2014

Inquiring Minds

Catherine Shakdam – Tuesday, 22 July 2014 12:27


Gas Pipeline

While Israel has deployed its media machine, telling the world that it has the right to defend itself against foreign aggression, arguing that no country should ever be made to tolerate systematic terror, even though under international law such narrative holds no legal ground as Israel has been de facto occupying Gaza, rendering null and void the notion of Gaza as a foreign entity, little has been said of Israel’s real motives.To quickly settle Israel’s argument that it legally and morally can and should defend itself against any aggression coming from Gaza, it is important to understand that the Gaza Strip is not, under international law, a sovereign state, it is an occupied land, therefore Israel cannot declare war on its people, rather it owes its people protection.

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ZeroHedge – Meet OIRA – The Secretive White House Office With Disturbing Regulatory Powers – 7 August 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

But in practice, OIRA operates largely in secret, exempt from most requests under the Freedom of Information Act. It routinely declines to release the changes it has proposed, the evidence it has relied upon to make them, or the identities and affiliations of White House advisers and other agencies’ staff it has consulted. OIRA doesn’t even disclose the names and credentials of its employees other than its two most senior officials.

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Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Worse Than Initially Reported – TEPCO – 7 August 2014

RT logoThe meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s third reactor building was even worse than initially believed, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has announced.

In fact, the power company’s new appraisal of the Fukushima No. 3 reactor building shows that all – or nearly all – of the fuel rods contained inside were melted, dropping onto the floor of the containment vessel. If true, the news means the power plant could be even tougher to decommission.

According to the Japan Times, TEPCO first estimated back in November of 2011 that roughly 63 percent of the reactor’s fuel rods had melted.

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European Farmers Say Russian Import Ban May Sting, EU Says ‘Ukraine Is Top Priority’ – 7 August 2014

RT logoRussia’s import ban on agricultural goods from countries that sanctioned Moscow over the Ukraine crisis may have a negative impact on European producers, farmers say. However, the EU’s ambassador to Moscow insists the bloc’s position will not change.

READ MORE: Russia to ban all US agricultural products, EU fruit & vegetable imports – watchdog

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed Wednesday a decree imposing a one-year ban on agricultural produce, foods, and raw materials from countries that have sanctioned Russia. The list of banned or restricted goods is expected to be approved by the government later in the week.

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