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Steve Lendman – Kissinger Geopolitics – 7 December 2014

StevelendmanAt age 91, maybe senility set in. Or a time of reflection. At the same time, trying to have things both ways. More on this below.

Kissinger was one of the most notorious war criminals ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Exceeded perhaps only by Obama.
The scope of their crimes is breathtaking. Kissinger’s rap sheet includes:
  • three to four million Southeast Asian deaths;
  • ousting Chile’s Salvador Allende; replacing him with Augusto Pinochet; followed by 17 years of state terror;
  • support for other Latin American despots;
  • backing Surharto’s West Papua takeover; his East Timor invasion; massacring hundreds of thousands;
  • supported the Khmer Rouge’s rise to power; its reign of terror early on;
  • backed Pakistan’s overthrow of Bangladesh’s democratically elected government; causing half a million deaths; and
  • various other high crimes against peace.

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Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas In Berkeley As Police Disperse #EricGarner, #Ferguson Rally – 7 December 2014

RT logoProtests against police brutality have turned violent in Berkeley, California, as officers are resorting to rubber bullets, flash bang grenades and tear gas in a tense standoff with demonstrators demanding justice.

The scene in this liberal college town remains chaotic Saturday night as reports of injured protesters at the hands of the police begin emerged. The protesters took to the streets to express their anger over a series of high-profile incidences involving the death of black Americans at the hands of white police officers – all of whom were cleared of any wrongdoing by the courts.

According to police, some of the protesters took to more violent methods of expression.

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‘Every F-35 A Country Buys From Lockheed Martin Damages Its Defense’ – 7 December 2014

RT logoThe Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a poorly designed warplane that the company manages to sell through brilliant marketing and political clout, says defense analyst Pierre Sprey. Each one bought is a strike to a nation’s airpower.

Sprey, a longtime critic of the F-35, helped design F-15 Eagle for McDonnell Douglas. He shared with RT why he believes the Lockheed Martin is a bad bargain for customers.

RT: So, could you tell us why the F-35 has sparked so much criticism? It seems to be multirole: close support, air-to-air, bombing, reconnaissance. So it all looks very strong…

Pierre Sprey: The criticism is highly justified. The airplane was indeed sold to do close support, deep strike bombing and air-to-air. It is in fact is extraordinarily ineffective at all three. It is a very badly designed airplane because it was started with the very bad mission specification many-many years ago – ancient years ago.

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NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – America In Decline: 1 In 7 Kentuckians Now Rely On Food Banks – 7 December 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) The U.S. economy, despite rosy characterizations by President Obama recently, is still abysmal for far too many Americans who are still struggling to make ends meet, put food on the table and remain in their homes — a condition that will only worsen with the president’s recent executive amnesty, “legalizing” millions of illegal aliens.

Some of the country’s historically poor states — many of them in the South — have been especially hard-hit, as a recent report from Kentucky points out. Local station WKYT in Lexington says that not only has hunger remained a “huge issue” in the state — one food pantry says one-in-seven Kentuckians are receiving food assistance from any number of charities — but it is even a problem on the state’s college campuses. Continue reading

Athens On Fire As Rioters Mark Anniversary Of Police Killing Of Teen – 7 December 2014

RT logoGreek police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds during clashes in the capital. Athens was gripped with protests marking six years since police shot dead an unarmed teenager during an anti-austerity rally.

At least 8,000 demonstrators marched in Athens on Saturday commemorating the sixth anniversary since the police slaying of Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Grigoropoulos’ murder on December 6, 2008 sparked violent clashes across Greece, with cars being burned, shops looted, and police attacked in a number of Greek cities.

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Nazi Education: Toy Manufacturer Insists On Selling SS Troops Despite Customer Complaints – 7 December 2014

Still from Ruptly video
Still from Ruptly videoA Polish toy manufacturer will continue to sell its Nazi themed games, as the company believes it’s a good way to educate children. Earlier this week, a store in Sweden said it would remove toy SS soldiers from its shelves, following customer complaints.Lego-like figures with Swastikas and the Third Reich emblems are a fun way through which children can be taught history, Polish manufacturer Cobi said, stating it would continue to sell its World War 2 inspired toys.

We cannot separate this from history. Our whole European history has unfortunately absorbed Nazism from World War 2, and we cannot escape from that. We need to teach children in schools about it, we need to talk about it, so that may never happen again,” the company CEO Robert Podles told Ruptly news agency.

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Jon Rappoport – Power Outside The Matrix: Your Victory – 7 December 2014

jon7Making individual power into a negative idea has taken a considerable amount of time, effort, and money.

All sorts of political, social, and psychological bundles have been sold to the population.

Understanding these facts is one thing. Expanding one’s own power is quite another thing.

It involves the conscious projection of new realities.

Previously, the notion of “projection” has been the property of the pseudoscience called psychology. The concept has been twisted to mean the blind projection of one’s own “negative images and feelings” on to other people. Continue reading

Watching The Watchmen: US Shield To Protect Drones From ‘Spoofing’ Cyber-Attacks – 7 December 2014

RT logoPentagon-sponsored engineers have developed a system to shield unmanned aerial vehicles from cyber-attacks. It sounds the alert if a drone starts doing something that it is not supposed to do.

Called System-Aware Secure Sentinel, the new system detects “illogical behavior” compared to how the aircraft normally operates.

“Detections can serve to initiate automated recovery actions and alert operators of the attack,” said Barry Horowitz, a systems and information engineer at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, in a statement.

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Syrian Govt, Opposition To Meet For talks In Moscow – Assad’s Aid – 7 December 2014

RT logoSyria’s government and opposition will hold talks in Moscow on the resolution of the Syrian crisis, advisor to the Syrian president Bouthaina Shaaban told RT Arabic.

Syria and Russia agreed that the “intra-Syrian dialogue will begin in Moscow,” Shaaban told RT Arabic during an interview in Damascus on Thursday.

She elaborated that Damascus has been in consultations with Moscow regarding “the starting point of this dialogue, its objectives, and mechanisms for its implementation, as well as the composition of its participants”.

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ZeroHedge – The Most Elementary Question Must Not Be Asked – 7 December 2014

ZeroHedgeBy Raúl Ilargi Meijer of The Automatic Earth

The Most Elementary Question Must Not Be Asked

We’re in dire need of fresh blood and smart new ideas to clean up the mess the present ideologies and their puppets and puppetmasters have created. The present crew has made a neverending series of ‘mistakes’, intentional or not, and they are dead set on making more, if only because they refuse to change the tack that led to all these ‘mistakes’.

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