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John Ward – All Quiet On The Western Front: Glum In Britain, Frightened In Germany, Reactionary In The States, All Quiet on the Western Front: Glum in Britain, frightened in Germany, Reactionary In The States, Content In South Africa – 7 May 2014

ScreenHunter_35 May. 07 13.19This shot was taken in the House of Commons about twenty minutes ago (12.04 pm BST). If one had a suspicious nature, one might be forgiven for thinking that things are not quite as rosey as we’re being led to believe. Clockwise from the left, these chaps are responsible for the Realm, the Tory Manifesto, Defence and the Money. Defence Minister Philip Hammond, however, does – I’m sure you’ll agree – have a rather fetching arrowhead grip in his hair….about which I think we should be told more. Continue reading

TheIndependent – David Blanchflower – Garbage In, Garbage Out: Our Jobs Figures Are Not Working Any More – 7 May 2014

The Independent

It is very hard to work out what is going on in the UK labour market because the quality of the statistics is basically junk – garbage in, garbage out describes the lack of quality of the data well. I really am not exaggerating.

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‘Both Presidential Elections And Donbass Referendum In Ukraine Should Be Postponed’ – 7 May 2014

RT logoNeither the Ukrainian presidential elections, nor the May 11 referendum on the future of the Donbass People’s Republic, can take place at the moment because of the absence of the proper atmosphere, Jonathan Steele from The Guardian newspaper told RT.

RT: Russia doesn’t support the idea of holding presidential elections in Ukraine. Indeed, we can witness the ongoing violence, voices of the southeast regions are suppressed by force, while it is highly possible that ultranationalists will gain in the elections. What’s your take on that?

Jonathan Steele: I do follow this argument. I think the presidential elections cannot take place at the moment in the proper atmosphere. They won’t be held properly in the south and east of the country. And anyway, the two leading candidates both represent essentially the West of the country, so there will be a quite divisive new president. Similarly the referendum on May 11 about the future of the Donbass People’s Republic is also unwise to be held in a similar environment of tension and emotional anxiety. Both should be postponed.

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All Countries Will Have Drone Kill Technology In 10 Years – Report – 7 May 2014

RT logoIn just one decade, just about every country in the world will have the means to either build or buy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) capable of launching missiles at enemy targets, thus dramatically changing the face of warfare.

Despite a track record that is stained with the blood of innocent victims, drone technology is quickly becoming the weapon of choice for militaries around the globe, and it’s too late for the United States – presently the leader in UAV technologies – to stop the rush, according to Defense One, a site devoted to security issues.

Just a few countries now hold membership in the elite drone club, including the US, United Kingdom, Russia, Israel, Iran, Pakistan and China. Other countries, such as South Africa and India, are actively seeking to join. According to the RAND organization, however, another 23 countries “are developing or have developed” armed drones.

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TheIndependent – Lord Myners Calls For Radical Overhaul At The Co-Op Group – 7 May 2014

The Independent

Report comes as former Co-op bank chairman Paul Flowers pleaded guilty to drug possession

By Nick Goodway , Maria Tadeo 

Quote: Lord Myners has called for a radical overhaul of the embattled Co-operative Group if the 150-year old institution wants to survive.

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NATO Eyes ‘Defensive’ Permanent Troop Deployment Near Russia’s Borders – 7 May 2014

RT logoNATO may station permanently additional troops in Eastern Europe, the alliance’s top military commander said, adding that it would be a defensive measure. He cited “a new paradigm” demonstrated by Russia in Crimea and Ukraine.

Currently the alliance has organized a rotation of aircraft and warships in Eastern Europe and sent small contingents of ground troops for military drills to the Baltic States, Poland and Romania. But permanent deployment should be considered, US Air Force General Philip Breedlove said Tuesday.

“We need to look at our responsiveness, our readiness and then our positioning of forces to be able to address this new paradigm that we have seen demonstrated in Crimea and now on the eastern border of Ukraine,” he said.

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Half Of Putin’s 218 Principal Orders Fulfilled – Government – 7 May 2014

RT logoThe Russian government reports it has fulfilled about a half of the 218 “May Orders” – the points in the major social and economic program signed by President Putin right after his inauguration two years ago.

According to the report published on the government’s web-site on Wednesday, ministers have managed to execute 121 presidential orders in two years. The reports on the execution of 17 more orders are currently being reviewed by the Presidential Administration and 97 orders are still being worked on, the report reads.

The authors of the document add that the execution of three orders are overdue – they should have been implemented before December 2013. The work on the rest is on schedule and the program must be fully completed before 2020 – well beyond Vladimir Putin’s current presidential term that expires in 2018.

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Dana Mrkich – Oneness And Constant Vigilance! – 7 Ma7 2014

Dana Colour Pic NewThis ‘Oneness’ energy is tricky business. The boundaries between us all are dissolving, and our sensitivity to each other’s feelings and energy fields is heightening every day. 

On the one hand this increases our sense of compassion and connection with each other. On the other hand, because we are feeling so much more we need to be extra vigilant with what is ‘ours’ and what is not. That is: Are these my feelings or someone else’s? Are these my thoughts, beliefs, doubts, worries and fears or someone else’s?  Continue reading

The Hyper Report – 140507 – Obama vs. Facts – 7 May 2014

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BusinessInsider – Chuck Hagel: Isolationism Won’t Protect Us From The World’s Troubles – 7 May 2014


US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Tuesday warned Americans against isolationism, saying the United States could not afford to turn away from the world’s crises.

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