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Steve Lendman – Israeli Iron Fist Ruthlessness – 7 November 2014

RT logoIsrael operates extrajudicially. Rule of law principles don’t matter. Nonexistent security threats justify anything goes.

Palestinians are victimized for wanting to live free. Demanding fundamental civil and human rights everyone deserves.
Protesting throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Largely peacefully.
Israel considers legitimate resistance “terrorism.” Justifying iron fist harshness.
“We will respond to any attempt to undermine the order and stability of Israel’s capital with an iron fist,” Netanyahu said. Warning of “a prolonged battle.”
“Jerusalem is not up for debate,” he added. Its mayor Nir Barket echoed similar views, saying:
“(T)he message we will send the terrorists (is we’re) here to stay. We will not budge. We will overcome the challenges and win this battle.”

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‘If Germany Can’t Pull European Economy Out Of Crisis – Eurozone Future In Doubt’ – 7 November 2014

RT logoThe responsibility for the protests in Brussels should be shared between the EU Commission and each of the governments, French economist Jacques Sapir told RT.

RT: We are seeing a protest at the very heart of the EU. How hard must it be for the people that they are driven to such measures?

Jacques Sapir: The European Commission sets rules to reduce the budget deficit in a lot of countries. But it is the government of each country which is implementing these cuts in budget in France, Italy or like right now – in Belgium. I think that the burden is to be shared between the EU Commission and each government.

RT: The Belgium authorities should take the measures according to the EU regulations. Do you think there is any other way they could be dealing with this problem?

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UK Will Only Pay Back Jalf Of £1.7Bn EU Bill – 7 November 2014

RT logoChancellor George Osborne announced the British government will only pay half of its £1.7bn EU bill, payable in two installments due after May’s general election, in a deal struck in Brussels on Friday.

The European Commission had previously demanded £1.7bn to be paid by December 1 – a sum calculated on the basis of the UK’s comparatively healthy growth.

Under Friday’s deal, Britain will now pay £850m.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Gladio B: Running Drugs And Laundering Money – 7 November 2014

JamesCorbett4Following is a transcript of the fourth interview in the Gladio B interview series. Listen to the audio of the interview here or watch the video in the player below:

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Mexico Unexpectedly Cancels $3.75Bn Bullet Train Deal With China – 7 November 2014

RT logoMexico has abruptly cancelled a contract worth $3.75 billion (58.9 billion pesos) with a Chinese-led rail consortium, just two days after it was awarded. The project to construct the country’s first bullet train faced opposition from local lawmakers.

The China Railway Construction Corp. and CSR Corp. won the contract Monday, which set off steam amongst opposition politicians, who claimed the tender by the Chinese company, the sole bidder, lacked transparency and legitimacy. A new auction will be held and will include more bidders.

READ MORE: China tests 3,000-kph ‘super-Maglev’ train concept

The Chinese-led group included Mexican firms that are linked to the brother of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

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Legal Privilege? MI5, MI6, GCHQ Snoop On Lawyers’ Client Comms – 7 November 2014

RT logoThe UK intelligence services have intercepted legally privileged communications between clients and their lawyers in high profile security cases, released passages of internal policy documents revealed.

“The Government has been forced to release secret policies which show that GCHQ [the Government Communications Headquarters] and MI5 [the Security Service] have for years advised staff that they may ‘target the communications of lawyers,’ and use legally privileged material ‘just like any other item of intelligence,” Reprieve human rights group said in a statement.

The disclosure of previously classified material comes in response to the torture case of two Libyan families whose members have been tortured by Colonel Gaddaffi regime, in a joint CIA-MI6 operation.

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Hyper Report – 141106 – Big Bank Exposure – 7 November 2014

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