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Carol Ann Ciocco – 7 Planets In Pisces Conclave – (11-12 March) – 10 March 2013

Hi everyone, as you may have heard, we have a veritable CONCLAVE of planets in Pisces at the New Moon on Monday March 11. The Moon and Sun will be in Pisces, and so will the planets Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune and Chiron (an asteroid that acts like a planet). This adds up to an intensely dreamy and mystical gathering in the most spiritual of all the signs.

If you are sensitive to etheric energies (and even if you’re not!) you may be feeling a bit hazy, confused or spacey lately. The fact that Mercury is Retrograde only adds to this feeling. Even Venus and Mars are considered by Shamanic Astrology to be “off the world stage” or “in the Underworld,” as they are so close to the Sun that they are hidden from our sight. Continue reading