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NJ Cop Resigns After Saying On Camera That Obama Decimated The Constitution – 8 August 2014

Still from YouTube video/Paul Rasmussen

Still from YouTube video/Paul Rasmussen

A New Jersey police officer has resigned after he was caught on camera saying he didn’t have to follow the Constitution because the president has decimated it. The video went viral, making national headlines.

As RT reported Thursday, Special Police Officer Richard Recine, a part-time employee of the Borough of Helmetta Police Department, was seen on video saying, “Obama has decimated the friggin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a damn. Because if he doesn’t follow the Constitution we don’t have to.”

The statement was made in response to resident Steve Wronko, who was at the municipal building to serve an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request after being kicked out of the Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter earlier in the week.

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Russia, China Agree More Trade Currency Swaps To Bypass Dollar – 8 August 2014

RT logoThe Russian and Chinese central banks have agreed a draft currency swap agreement, which will allow them to increase trade in domestic currencies and cut the dependence on the US dollar in bilateral payments.

The draft document between the Central Bank of Russia and the People’s Bank of China on national currency swaps has been agreed by the parties,” and is at the stage of formal approval procedures, ITAR-TASS quotes the Russian regulator’s office on Thursday.

The Russian Central Bank is not giving precise details on the size of the currency swaps, nor when it will be launched. It says this will depend on demand.

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‘Endemic Corruption’: Rogue Ex-Met officers Sold Ecstasy Tablets – 8 August 2014

RT logoThree former Metropolitan Police detectives had deep ties to the criminal underworld, selling illicit drugs on a mass scale with apparent impunity, a leaked internal Met report reveals.

The officers, who abandoned Scotland Yard to open a private investigation firm, were thought to have seized tens of thousands of ecstasy pills from British criminals only to sell the drugs onward on the black market in an effort to yield profit. The damning allegations were contained in a covert file, seen by the Independent, which was reportedly created by internal officials in Scotland Yard’s anti-corruption division.

The report, conducted in 2000, stated the Met officers in question had carefully cultivated links to London’s criminal underworld, which is populated by hardened drug barons, street criminals and drug traffickers.

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ZeroHedge – WHO Declares “Health Emergency”, Admits “Stretched To Limit” On “Out Of Control” Ebola Outbreak As Nigeria Cases Soar – 8 August 2014

ZeroHedgeCDC Director Frieden’s worst nightmare is coming true – Nigeria, of which he was “deeply concerned” due to the population density in Lagos for instance, has admitted 139 patients are now being monitored for Ebola (up from 8 mere days ago). This, along with “the outbreak moving faster than we can control it,” drive the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare West Africa’s Ebola epidemic, an “extraordinary event” and now constitutes an international health risk. As Reuters reports, the agency said that, all states with Ebola transmission – so far Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone – should declare a national emergency, as former WHO official warned “governments appear to not have been engaged as necessary.”

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 924 – John LaForge Uncensors The Hiroshima Myth-Making – 8 August 2014

Today on the program John LaForge of NukeWatchInfo.org joins us to discuss his recent article, “Censorship and Myth-Making Enshrined Ignorance of Hiroshima and the Bomb.” We talk about how the Hiroshima myth was created in the wake of the atomic bombing, why the Nagasaki bombing was even more unnecessary, and the artificial distinction that is made between nuclear weapons and nuclear energy in the anti-nuclear debate. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Obama Wines And Dines African Dictators As Ebola Spreads – 8 August 2014

This month on the Geneva Business Insider, James and David discuss: the latest on the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the decision to send infected patients to Germany and the US for treatment; the conflict in Gaza and what it has done to the population of the world’s largest open-air prison; and the latest moves on the Eastern European chessboard as Putin bristles at Poland’s “Ukraine invasion” fears. Continue reading

Sophia Love – August 8, 2014 Update – 8 August 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Good Day Sophia and Everyone!

First I will tell what I know about demiurge in connection to Your call Sophia.

As I know demiurge – the seeder of Humanity, is indeed made Humanity for it’s own gain and manipulated the history, yet in time it used to love Humanity as it’s Children. I am calling demiurge as “it”, because demiurge don’t have gender. It is both male and female if we can say like it, but in overall demiurge can be called as “he”, as it is willing to have “ultimate power”. Continue reading

Stocks In Russian Food Companies Soar Amid Western Food Ban – 8 August 2014

RT logoShares in some of Russian food producers have added almost 40 percent by midday on Friday. The surge comes a day after Moscow imposed a one-year ban on imports of food products from the West.

Shares in one of Russia’s biggest agricultural holdings Razgulay shot up 39.87 percent by Friday afternoon, according to Moscow Stock Exchange data.

Stocks in the Russian Sea fish and Seafood producer surged 34.85 percent, GlavTorgProduct stocks also rose 35 percent.

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Cameron Rules Out Iraq Military Action – 8 August 2014

RT logoBritish Prime Minister David Cameron has welcomed US President Barack Obama’s decision to authorize airstrikes against Islamic militants in Iraq “to protect American personnel,” but has ruled out the use of British military force in the country.

The PM said the world must protect religious minorities “in their hour of desperate need,” as militants forced Iraq’s Yazidi Christians from their homes. The government is considering ways to offer help short of military intervention.

Islamic State (IS) militants have seized Iraq’s biggest Christian town, Qaraqosh. The Yazidis face starvation and dehydration if they remain stranded on Mount Sinjar, and slaughter at the hands of the militants if they move, warn officials. US troops have already made humanitarian air drops in areas threatened by IS.

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School, Kindergarten Kids Vulnerable To Extremism – UK Education Minister – 8 August 2014

RT logoChildren as young as three could be exposed to “extremist views” and need to be taught “British values,” the UK’s education secretary has warned.

Nicky Morgan, who took up the position in the last government reshuffle earlier this month, said she wanted to give local authorities the power to cut funding of nurseries who were promoting “extremist ideology.”

While the Department of Education did not clarify what types of education would classify as ‘extremism’ they have said it would include schools that taught creationism “as a scientific fact.”

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