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Lake Baikal, World’s Deepest Body Of Freshwater, Turning Into Swamp – Ecologists – 8 September 2014

RT logoThe world’s oldest and deepest body of freshwater, Lake Baikal, is turning into a swamp, Russian ecologists warn. They say that tons of liquid waste from tourist camps and water transport vehicles is being dumped into the UNESCO-protected lake.

One of the natural wonders and the pearl of Russia’s Siberia, Lake Baikal has recently been a source of alarming news, due to an increased number of alien water plants which have formed in the lake waterlogging it, ecologists said at a roundtable discussion recently held in the city of Irkutsk.

A recent scientific expedition discovered that 160 tons of liquid waste are produced every season in Baikal’s Chivyrkui Bay, said the head of Baikal Environmental Wave, one of Russia’s first environmental NGOs, according to SIA media outlet.

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EU Adopts New Sanctions Against Russia, Delays Their Entry Into Force – 8 September 2014

RT logoA new package of sanctions against Russia has been adopted by the EU on Monday. Previous reports said that the ‘further restrictive measures’ were to target three major oil companies, as well as the defense sector.

According to a statement by the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy, published on Monday, the new package was adopted through written procedure, “deepening the targeted measures of 31 July.”

“The sanctions aim at promoting a change of course in Russia’s actions destabilizing eastern Ukraine,” the statement read.

Although it was previously reported the new sanctions could come into force by Tuesday, the final EU decision has not specify the date when it will be applied, only saying it “will take place in the next few days,” leaving time “for an assessment of the implementation of the cease-fire agreement [in Ukraine].”

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Iraq Renews Attempts To Seize Kurdish ‘Ghost Ship’ Oil Tanker In US Court – 8 September 2014

RT logoIraq has refiled in US court in an attempt to control a Kurdish crude oil tanker that has been stationed around 60 miles off Texas since late July. The refiling comes days after the court said it lacked jurisdiction to seize the cargo.

Iraq has urged a US district court to intervene and take control of the United Kalavrvta tanker’s cargo until the dispute is resolved, according to Reuters, claiming that the US court does have jurisdiction given the case involves business conducted in the United States.

“This Court has subject matter jurisdiction over the claims against John Doe Buyer,” Iraq said in its motion. US District Court Judge Gray Miller invited Iraq to replead the case.

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Oregonian Arrested For Filming SWAT Raid – 8 September 2014

 Screenshot from youtube.com/channel/UC7y5vU66c4xgVnv4umKh0FA

Screenshot from youtube.com/channel/UC7y5vU66c4xgVnv4umKh0FA

Footage recently posted to YouTube shows an Oregon man being arrested for filming, or “interfering” with, a militarized police raid across the street from his apartment.

The man – whose YouTube account is Skylow Production – said he was sleeping at his Gresham, Oregon apartment at around 4 a.m. local time on Sept. 2 when he heard the sound of broken glass and flash bang grenades.

“I grabbed my iPad and ran outside as fast as I could to see what was going on,” he said in the video’s description. “There were 5 or more tank/military trucks just cruising through my neighborhood,” which is “right across the street from Mt.Hood Community College.”

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Great Balls Of Fire: Meteor Illuminates Spanish Skyline – 8 September 2014

Still fromVimeo video
Still fromVimeo video

Early risers got an unexpected treat on Sunday in Spain, as a fireball whistled across the country – lighting up the morning sky. It passed through eight regions, traveling the length of the country, leaving a trail of smoke in its wake.

The Spanish Meteor Network confirmed the fireball had passed over the country; however, they did not know where it had originated, the Local reported.

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‘Mystery’ Respiratory Virus Spreads Across Several US States – 8 September 2014

RT logoA mysterious respiratory virus, similar to the common cold but far more pernicious, is affecting thousands across 10 US states – hospitalizing hundreds of children, affecting those with asthma or those under the age of 5.

The disease has yet to be officially identified, but officials suspect it is the rare respiratory virus called human enterovirus 68. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said the virus is related to the rhinovirus, which is what causes the common cold.

Enterovirus 68 causes respiratory illness in children. It can attack the central nervous system and cause paralysis or even death.

Some US states are reporting 70 new cases a day including Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana, but Colorado and Missouri have been hit the hardest, according to a local media report.

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Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings Q&As: The Value Of Awareness And The Legitimacy Of Greek/Roman Gods – Part 2/2 – 8 September 2014

wes-annac-300x229Credit: Church of Critical Thinking

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Concluded from Part 1

With this said, we’ll move on to our next question.

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Hyper Report – 140908 – Russians – 8 September 2014

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John Ward – Scottisch Secession : Why George Osborne Desperately Needs A No-Vote – 8 September 2014


Desperate times create strange bedfellows

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Having saved the World in 2008, Gordon Brown is stepping in to save the UK in 2014. He is embarking, with full Government support, on a 30-stop tub thumping tour of Scotland to try and persuade his countrymen that they’re better off staying with the Cameron Highlanders. It’s a shrewd move by Number Ten: people will think, “if it wasn’t for the Union, we’d have this clown in our politics”. There should be a clear majority for the ‘No’ campaign come next Friday. Continue reading

Méline Portia Lafont – The Arcturians – This Reality Is Litterally Cracking In On Itself And It Is Not Quite Clear For Us How Much Longer This Illusory Reality Can Be Maintained – 8 September 2014

MélineMéline This is a repost of a message that I have received last year in September which I feel is applying to this now moment.  All is timeless and in the Now of this neverending process of Ascension.
The Arcturians
It is our delight to welcome you in our consciousness with an encouraging message enabling us to share a communication through this connection. With clarity in the current state of affairs unfolding on your world, we wish to bring you more information because of this clarity and also give you our point of view in these matters.

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