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Solar Update – M 1.2 Flare at 00h20 Today – 9 July 2014

http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/assets/img/latest/latest_256_0131.jpgA Second M Flare since yesterday now M1.2 at 00h20 in region 2113. The possibility of more M-flares and X-Flares is high.
The suns activity is ramping up. Let us see if we get an CME also.

www.poollicht.be link to info


WashingtonExaminer – Will John Boehner Declare: ‘Impeachment Is Off The Table’? – 9 July 2014

Washington Examiner

By Byron York 

These days there seems to be an increasing number of calls to impeach President Obama.

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TheIndependent – Government Needs To ‘Come Clean’ About Evidence Extent Of Its Knowledge Of US Activities On UK Soil, Campaigners Say – 9 July 2014

The Independent

The Foreign Office said flight records for US aircraft to and from the island of Diego Garcia had been partially destroyed

By Cahal Milmo

Quote: The Government was last night accused of a “cover up” over complicity in the CIA’s extraordinary rendition programme after it claimed that documents which could expose British knowledge of the practice have been lost due to “water damage”.

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TheIndependent – Exclusive: Government Launches Inquiry Over 100 Suspicious Deaths At A Hampshire Hospital – 9 July 2014

The Independent

Concerns were first raised about the use of opiates among elderly patients at Gosport by nurses in 1991

By Jamie Merrill

Quote: A Hillsborough-style inquiry to investigate up to 100 suspicious deaths at a Hampshire hospital during the 1990s is set to be announced by the Government today.

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UK Column News – 9 July 2014

Published on Jul 9, 2014 by Inquiring Minds

UK Column NEWS Wednesday 9th July 2014 – DIRECT


private companies to follow!!!

without judicial review btw

‘Reframed’ Homer of Common Purpose acting ‘out of’ her authority

May trusts Sloss to do ‘the job’

What the Dickens brother Haver?

Leon Brittan – not one but FIVE –  3 Dickens dossiers and a couple of PIES

Laura Bruno – Awakening – 9 July 2014


Yes! “This is the tide that cannot be stopped.” A beautiful post by Colette, and I could not agree more.

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ZeroHedge – Frontrunning – 9 July 2014

  • ZeroHedgeXi Says China Conflict With U.S. Would Be Disaster (BBG)
  • Short selling drops to lowest level since Lehman (FT)
  • Scoping the new subprime as watchdogs cry ‘bubble’ (Reuters)
  • Carlos Slim to break up América Móvil empire (FT)
  • Jury Acquits Rengan Rajaratnam in Insider-Trading Case (WSJ)
  • Hamas rockets land deep in Israel as it bombards Gaza Strip (Reuters)
  • Hong Kong Buyers Queue for New Homes After Prices Plunge (BBG)
  • Rebel Stronghold in Ukraine Braces for Its Showdown (WSJ)
  • Tiny Houses Big With U.S. Owners Seeking Economic Freedom (BBG)
  • Chinese Cash-Bearing Buyers Drive U.S. Foreign Sales Jump (BBG)
  • Portugal Bonds Drop With Europe Stocks as Gold Advances (BBG)
  • Why UBS Says Brazil’s 7-1 Trouncing Is Bearish for Stocks (BBG)
  • Both candidates in Indonesia election claim victory (Reuters)
  • Citigroup Nears Deal to Resolve Mortgage Probe (WSJ)

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ActivistPost – GMO Mosquito Trial Has Reverse Effect, Causes Dengue Emergency – 9 July 2014

Civil society groups today expressed alarm at an increase in dengue incidence, leading to an emergency decree, in a town in Brazil where releases of genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes are taking place.

GM Dengue Mosquito – Wikimedia Commons

The promise was to create genetically modified mosquitoes that would end dengue, but results from field trials conducted in Bahia, Brazil have not been published to date and did not evaluate the relation between Aedes aegypti mosquito populations and the occurrence of dengue [1]. Nevertheless, the Brazilian regulator Comissão Técnica Nacional de Biossegurança (CTNBio) recently gave the green light to the commercialization of the technology proposed by Moscamed Brazil in partnership with the English company Oxitec and the Universidade de São Paulo.

Read the full article at: www.activistpost.com / link to original article

John Ward – The Paedofile: Slog Interview On Trunews – 9 July 2014

If you tune in to http://www.trunews.com @ 6.30 pm tonite UK time, I’m being interviewed by this US radio station.



John Ward – The Paedofile: It’s An Enquiry Landslide….Nothing Like A Landslide For Covering Things Up – 9 July 2014


The British Establishment is still struggling with the meaning of the word ‘Independent’. It likes to think of us as an independent Sovereign State, but wriggles like a ticklish teen out of every opportunity it gets handed on a plate – from Juncker yomping to Rompuy revenge – to leave the EU. Now further evidence is emerging that there seems to be some confusion in the Westminster/Whitehall Blackmailer Belt about whether a large number of obviously pre-programmed Enquiries = an independent  outcome. Continue reading