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Keiser Report: Copyright Cartels – 9 November 2014

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‘Ebola Spread Risk Too Serious’: Morocco Refuses To Host Africa Football Cup – 9 November 2014

RT logoMorocco has rejected an ultimatum and refused to host the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations in January over the fear that Ebola virus may find its way into the country with the crowds of football fans and easily spread among them during the mass sporting event.

“The decision is dictated by health reasons because of the serious threat of Ebola and the risk of its spreading,” said a statement from Morocco’s sports ministry on Saturday, the last day when the country was supposed to confirm the hosting of the championship.

The Moroccan government is concerned that a flow of football fans from West Africa could bring the disease to the Ebola-free country and has been asking the confederation to postpone the event until June – and if the virus continues to spread, to January 2016.

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​Internet Hacktivists Hold Global ‘Hackathon’ In Honor Of Aaron Swartz’s Birthday – 9 November 2014

RT logoOnline hacktivists are holding a “hackathon” spanning two days to honor the would-have-been birthday of dead computer programmer and hacktivist Aaron Swartz.

The hackathon will be a global phenomenon, spanning 11 cities including Berlin, Boston, New York, Buenos Aires and Oxford, according to its affiliated website. However, its main location will be in San Francisco where programmers, developers, artists, researchers, and activists gather together, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

READ MORE: ‘Inspiration for people, threat to US govt’ – Aaron Swartz film director to RT

This year’s hackathon theme is “setting the record straight,” it announced. The day will feature seven speakers sharing recent developments in many Aaron-related projects and issues. On Saturday, a film is being shown – “the Internet’s Own Boy” – documenting his life.

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Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Your Perception Of Time Is An Indicator Of Your Point Of Attraction – 9 November 2014

 LarryLarsonGuest: Why do things take as long as they do?

When you have things you are trying to manifest in your life experience, and most of you are making some kind of conscious effort in this direction, you are inadvertently stepping outside the position you need in order to achieve it. And we know it’s very confusing and sometimes frustrating from your physical point of view, when we tell you to adopt the vibrational position of already having when the whole conversation began by acknowledging that you have not. If you already have it why would you want it? More importantly, if you don’t have it how can you vibrate like someone who does? Continue reading

Chief McDonald’s Fries Supplier Gets USDA Nod For ‘Cancer-Reducing’ GMO-Potato – 9 November 2014

RT logoSimplot, one of the world’s biggest agribusinesses, has received USDA approval for Innate, a genetically-modified potato that produces fewer carcinogens when fried. Anti-GMO pressure groups are campaigning for the decision to be reversed.

“This approval comes after a decade of scientific development, safety assessments and extensive field tests,” said the Idaho-based Simplot, which annually processes about 3 billion pounds of potatoes.

The potatoes, which are also modified to bruise less easily and to not turn brown for many hours after being cut, underwent successful field trials in eight states – Florida, Indiana, Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin – between 2009 and 2011.

Innate reportedly produces up to 75 percent less acrylamide, a substance that is suspected of contributing to cancer, when fried. The medical implications of the alterations have not been tested.

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People Have The Power! Big Six UK Energy Monopoly Faces Challenge – 9 November 2014

RT logoThe UK energy market is facing a challenge from councils and social housing landlords seeking to undercut the monopoly of the six big suppliers amid growing frustration with energy price hikes nationwide.

Local authorities are pledging to slice around 100 pounds ($158) from the average energy bill – the average of which has risen to more than 1,000 pounds (nearly $1,600) per household.

“Social housing providers and local authorities across the country are looking at energy… and see real opportunities to do things differently,”
Dawn Muspratt, the leader of the project, known as Our Power, told The Independent.

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Jon Rappoport – The Matrix Revealed: Staged Events – 9 November 2014

jon7Back in the late 1980s, I was making notes for a book on Sigmund Freud.

After a few weeks, I realized I was journeying out past the boundaries of that book. I was sketching the basis for quite a different undertaking.

I tentatively called it The Staged Mind.

At that time, I met two people who changed my perspective: Jack True, a brilliant hypnotherapist, and Ellis Medavoy, a retired propaganda operative.

They began to talk to me about staged events, and the interlock between those events and the conditioning of human perception. Continue reading

Aim High: Marijuana Legalization Puts US Military In A Pickle – 9 November 2014

RT logoThe growing number of states opting to legalize marijuana has left the US military attempting to balance its zero tolerance policy towards the plant with the changing tide of both law and public perception.

With Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia recently voting to legalize recreational marijuana use two years after Colorado and Washington passed their own referendums, the army has gone to great lengths to remind their troops that state law holds no sway for servicemen.

The military, as a federal institution, is governed by federal laws, under which marijuana possession remains a criminal offense. Use or possession of it also remains a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and can result in court martial.

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Great Expectations: What Tearing Down Berlin Wall Achieved – And What It Didn’t – 9 November 2014

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Today’s Berlin is full of distressing monuments to the human resilience and sacrifice experienced before the fall of the Wall. Twenty-five years on, RT takes a look at past and present divides – both real and imagined – and where they may take us next.

On Friday, the German capital was graced with 8,000 balloons, adorning the length of the old Berlin Wall. As this was taking place, RT’s Peter Oliver strolled along Bernauer Strasse and other historic locations where the Wall used to run, to see the transformations that have taken place.

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Lucas – The Love Around The Corner – A Poem – 9 November 2013

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/29/Fractal05.gifA life living a journey of becoming whole

A wondrous experience of going through doors and perceptions

A continuum of time based illusions

A wakening to a new truth of perceived truths

A warming welcome in resonance with all

A lifetime peeling away the old

A remembering the multi faceted you

A forming of dimensional awareness

A accepting the conscious new you

A being to serve the other in equality

A teardrop laughed away

As there is always the love around the corner

Be love,  the only condition to be unconditional

that  will manifest the ultimate peace.


Love you all,


(c) 2013 –  Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the http://www.lucas2012Infos.wordpress.com  link  mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.