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Lucas – We Ignite The Last Candle – A Christmas Tale – 18 December 2011

Watching the skies seeing the flickering stars talking to me I write this tale. The stars say with their light that the new beginning is right at our doorstep. The brightest star on the heavens starts singing her song of Oneness. Soon to be followed of  choirs to join in. Oneness that was denied the earth through  the greed and power struggle of the dark ones will be manifesting.

Soon we open the door and see that what was always on our doorstep just hidden from sight. We will invite it in and see the change it will bring in our lives. The truth, understanding of the real history, the new overflowing world of abundance will be brought in our lives. We do not need anymore to follow stars and pray for guidance to find the spiritual light born in us again. We are the stars that shine upon family, friends, neighbors and strangers.  We Illuminate everything. Continue reading

Lucas – A Christmas Tale- 12 December 2011

Feel the love flowing between the shining lights of your loved ones, family and friends  gathering in this Christmas period. No gifts are stronger than the bonds of love that unite all there is unconditionally.  No pain, sorrow or hardship can be present where there is love surrounding. The light and love rays shining upon you all will make this coming Christmas a special one. Maybe an  everlasting Merry  Christmas. A feast of unity.  A feast of reconciliation with that what is still dualities last trick playing upon you.  Continue reading