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Lisa Gawlas – A Collective “Flash Point” Set For V-Day!! – 8 February 2015

lisagawlas2I’m sitting here trying to figure out where to start and which particular (overload of) information to send out today when I hear, completely out of the blue, “there is a collective flash point coming up.”  A flash point??  With that I could see waves of wave energy (smile) encircle the earth and amazingly enough they gave us a timeline… February 14th, Valentines day.

(I am interjecting this here simply because I just typed out the title of this sharing (which I do last) and instead of writing out Valentine’s day, obviously there is a V-day.  I am instantly right back in the reading from my lady the other day, her marching band in V and dash formation!!  Hmmmmmmmm!!!!! ) Continue reading