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Aisha North – A message Of LOVE – 14 February 2015

AishaNorthAnd so it is that we return with another message to inoculate you further with another dosage of this love-fest that is currently sweeping over your globe. For today the swirls of energetic passion that anoints you all come in one flavour only, that of love itself, and as such, take this as another layer of this cake that is being offered you on this festive occasion. For today, the dam of joy has burst and will be spewing forth a never ending flood of light that will serve to anchor you even deeper into that safe berth you have already found deep within your heart. For this is the anchorage you have been searching for far and wide, never being fully able to perceive that it is already here, under your very nose, within that deep and welcoming silence that awaits you in the very core of your being. For that is your home, that is where your heart has always known it to be, and now, as this powerful surge of light has been unleashed from its old embankments by your willingness to keep searching for that elusive target, your search has now come to completion, Continue reading


BrianKelly’sBlog – A Message Of Love, Gratitude & An Update From Bob – 24 June 2013

A Message of Love, Gratitude & an Update from Bob

June 24, 2013

First of all, I can’t even begin to express how genuinely moved I am by all the incredibly amazing, inspiring and heart felt feedback I’ve received on my most recent post, A Journey Into the Sahara. To hear that it touched the hearts and Souls of so many, brings such a profound sense of Joy and Love to my entire BEing, once again it renders me utterly speechless. I knew I felt the presence of a much larger Soul family than the nine of us out in the dunes on that fateful night. But to hear it from so many of you…well that just brings tears to my eyes and pays further recognition that we were ALL there and locked into the same Absolute frequency. Continue reading