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John Ward – A President, A Pope, A Prime Minister, And A Paedophilic Care System: Why They Should All Be More Accountable – 8 July 2013


Time for  an end to Hyde and Seek

Some things never change.

The Dodd-Frank financial reform act – a law designed to stop the madness that caused the 2008 financial crisis – was passed almost three years ago. About 30% of the  legislation has been agreed in Congress so far…and it’s all behind schedule. The Fed Reserve, for example, has granted Goldman Sachs a further two years to spread its ‘risky’ (aka insane frontal-lobe syndrome) trading forms across other Goldman group companies. Most of America’s megabanks were granted the same ridiculous leniency during June. We are witnessing lobbyist filibustering on an epic scale here: and it’s the ordinary Joes and Janes who are already being asked to pick up the tab. It is beyond appalling, and on its way past Bourbon monarchs in its arrogant unfairness. Continue reading