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Lucas – A Question For David Wilcock In The Matter Of The Drake Interview – 8 April 2012

Mr. Wilcock,

I have been leaving a comment on your page as well as I have commented on Tim Turners page about your interview with “Drake”. The anonymous man.

I had been given the impression that this Drake was the man behind the Republic which he was not. He has left the Republic of USA group short RUSA. He and his group had some differences or insights or personal matters going on.  I have always had great respect for your investigations and research mister Wilcock and bought your books. I never had reason to ask a question till now.

Except I get not through to you to get it answered. The question is not posted in the comment section of yours where I have put it for review yesterday. As I think it is too important to leave out I ask it here as an open question to you.

I had been listening to your interview with Drake and was very positive till I got to hear the other side of the story from the round table call with  Tim Turner, President of the Republic and also guests where Ron van Dyke and others. Ron also made a video on this Drake story and Tim Turner : link to video Ron Van Dyke.

I was very disappointed and felt not well-informed after hearing the story from Tim Turner. I think it is not fair nor even right to have just one side of the story told now. As it is much to important to hear what Drake has to say about accusation towards Tim Turner and Tim turner given a change to defend himself as asked in an interview.  If this is not done there is likely to be division amongst the ranks as it is now propagated by your interview bringing  forward Drake in this big way.

I think that this is not beneficial to all. We need not division but unity. And therefore I do not understand what this full-blown story about  Drake, the anonymous one, and his group is about as the other side is not given a proper change to reply or give their side of the story. I may be wrong in asking the question and you have already taken action to give TimTurner and his group a change to tell their side of the story.

Mr. Wilcock will you give Tim Turner a change to reply in an  interview or  will you give  Tim Turner and  Drake together the chance to express their  opinions and maybe resolve their differences and or help to clarify what position you,  mr. Wilcock take in this matter as it now seems to be rivalling groups wanting to re-instate the constitution and republic?

As a Dutch citizen I have nothing to do with or am associated with one of these persons or their groups.  I merely have been following all and in the position of writer of my blog of alternative news.  I want no misunderstanding and loose ends in such important matters as the new Republic has to build on the real Constitution of the USA the proper way.

Looking forward to an answer mister Wilcock.

Love and light,


( note: there is a comment posted on David Wilcock’s blog with name lucas and posted 8 April 2012 that isn’t mine. Mine has not been posted at this moment : 9 April 2012 )