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Lucas – A Short Poem – Creating Neutrality – 11 June 2013

http://sonjavanwyk.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/neutrality-2.jpgFor every fear you should know the opposite is near.

Some Courageous did already see moving perception stops tears.

Dark nor Light is to be if people shift into neutrality.

Lay your words and actions on the scale and you will not fail,

as all is fine in the balance you will find and it is shows you can unite.

Feel the energies all around as they are you building blocks to compound.

Manifest what it is you want and envision truthful all expressed into sound.

It will be given in full intent to the flow as the manifest is meant.

The wait is for some a burden but  trust in source is what takes its course.

Be the neutrality and creator in the now and make this world be only awe.

Love and Light,


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