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Lucas – A Virtual Christmas – Or A Feast Of Light Within – 23 December 2013

https://i1.wp.com/www.noao.edu/image_gallery/images/d6/m50y.jpgIf we now look with an honest open vision to the Christmas that has become a virtual show of faked grandness, faked abundance and faked warmth towards our own bothers and sisters  that are less well off or poor it should be clear we just staged a play returning every year.  It isn’t even a pantomine.

The purpose of it is a false  sense of sincerity towards your fellow human kind. It also comes with a wide range of other fictitious stories we made our selves belief in.  It is about the holy of holiest the buying of happiness in all sorts of forms. It is not about being the grace and light you always have been. It is about you just playing a role like in a Dickens carol story set in this moment of now. Continue reading