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A1 Road In UK’s North Shut Down After ‘Explosion’ – 29 November 2014

RT logo(Lucas: Read between the lines: there is only a report of a blast… and insinuation of a blast near or on the army barrack’s nearby….. there is no report of what blast, and with what means or even if it was an accident or whatever….. Do you see a reporting main stream pattern and in police information also. Headlines of fear mongering and insinuation without facts and evidence presented…. )

The A1 has been closed near Catterick, North Yorkshire, due to reports of an explosion. Police have given no details of any possible injuries and it’s not clear whether the nearby army barracks were affected by the blast.

The first announcement of the explosion came at 3:00 GMT, with roads being shut down over a 10-kilometer stretch and diversions set up, police said. The Catterick village was “heavily congested” and motorists were advised to avoid the area.

The A1 runs near the Army’s Marne Barracks, the forces’ largest training base in the UK. Around 13,000 personnel and their families live there.

However, it’s not clear if the barracks were anywhere close to the blast – no comments on that came either from police or army forces. No evacuations have been reported.

“At the moment it’s only a heard [sic] explosion,” a spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police stressed.

The road closure was set to last until 3pm GMT as the investigation continued. However, the anticipated opening time was not met.

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