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ActivistPost – Aaron Dykes And Melissa Melton – The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory Propaganda – 16 December 2013

Logo_activistpost-comDon’t bother looking into how the world is really run, this magazine explains all that the average person needs to know about conspiracies…don’t mess with the Illuminati and go back to sleep!

Aimed at the casual grocery shopper, a quick answer to every conspiracy question you ever had all rolled up into one (or, alternately just make up your own explanation). That is, look away from the marketplace of conspiracy ideas, awakening and alternative thinking available on the Internet, and instead put your trust in the manufactured glossy media that is packaged and sold in stores.
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Activistpost – Aaron Dykes And Melissa Melton – Update: Austin Terror Threat Confirmed, Why Weren’t We Warned? – 10 August 2013

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ActivistPost – Aaron Dykes And Melissa Melton – Media Lauds Scientist Who Bragged About Cancer In Vaccines – 10 May 2013

smallpox2Vaccination continues to be heralded as one of the top achievements in medicine while all of the evidence to the contrary continues to be ignored.

Earlier this week, The New York Times ran a 1500-word puff piece lauding the work of top Merck vaccine “pioneer” Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman. Here’s a quote: Continue reading