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Benjamin Fulford – Reader Question About Alexander Romanov And The Gnostics – 29 March 2012

Hi, Benjamin!

I took a look at some of the videos posted by the “Gnostic Illuminati Faction” you referenced in your free blog. So are you saying that this “Alexander Romanov” guy is for real? While some of his ideas are laudable, he also presents some rather strange and seemingly conflicted ideas.

On the one hand, he seems to promote meritocracy, but then he also claims to be “heir to the Russian throne.” I find this oddly schizophrenic. Does he believe he is entitled to be “the One King” because of his birth? He also refers to himself as “grandmaster.” I am always leery of those who proclaim themselves “masters,” but when they put “grand” in front of it, it’s doubly off-putting. It is like using both a penis pump AND Viagra to make oneself look big. Simply being humble and real seems preferable. Continue reading