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Lucas – About Drake’s Interviews And Radioshows – 15 April 2012

I start with saying that I am for change from the current powers that be and the financial system as it is, but not in the way as proposed even as it might be intended well. You want a revolution, I want peaceful change. I want people to make their own minds up and make a decision on well-balanced information. It is still a change that people need to support. What others think that should be good for them is not the way to go. These are crucial differences. I think violence or enforcement is not the way to give your maybe good intentions a foothold even if you state that they will not hurt the people nor invade their homes or seize their property or goods and are only there to assist the Marshalls and the Civil Authority.  A lot of people go for the quick and enforced option and shout for Drake. In this radicalism evolving  making fun of other opinions or even shut those opinions out of their information is permitted. So I got threats for making my concerns clear to my readers and the world by some ignorant people.  I can not stop you all doing what you do and I will not as you have chosen already. You only want to see that what you see as your truth. Even if you where not informed about all it is your choice to do so. I respect it but not support it and are concerned of the outcome. Continue reading