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Ariah Velasquez – Deepening into Love – 12 February 2014

ariah_goldI didn’t know I was going to do an article on love so close to Valentine’s Day, and I must say it actually isn’t on purpose.  But I believe I tune into the group consciousness when writing these articles, and what is on the group “mind”.  So, of course, different insights have come through this week about love…specifically love in relationship. And oh, I feel the fire this article may bring up in people.  If that happens, then please see this as a means for something to clear.  Of course, these are my thoughts and feelings and I own them as that. Whatever resonates, take it with you, and what doesn’t, discard.

When we begin to open our heart deeper and deeper to love someone, I believe there are different phases.  There is phase one, where we must get past obvious fears of the human condition: fear of abandonment, trust issues, and vulnerability.  When we stay present with what comes up with our loved ones, and continue to examine, “where is what is happening about me and my wounds?”, we make it through phase one with flying colors!

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Sean David Morton – Interview Benjamin Fulford On Strange Universe AFR Radio 6th March 2012 – 11 March 2012

uploaded by American Freedom Radio -AFR – 7 March 2012 on YouTube.


Thanks to http://www.the2012scenario.com  link to article/video

Steve Beckow And Linda Dillon – Archangel Michael On The Defence Authorization Bill – 21 December 2011

One of the subjects I discussed with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon today was President Obama’s signing off on the bill that allowed for detention without charge or  trial of American citizens. Here are Archangel Michael’s comments.

I caution readers to remember that we won’t agree with all things that anyone does but that some wrong moves are not, for me at least, a good reason to abandon friends. I don’t agree with the President’s action. I don’t think overly much will result from it except heightened public discontent, which I regard as a good thing.  The galactics will not permit more to develop.  Though some readers leave this site because of my support of the President. I remain  his friend. Continue reading

Abuse Victims Seek Crimes Against Humanity Charges Against Pope and Vatican Officials

Abuse Victims Seek Crimes Against Humanity Charges Against Pope and Vatican Officials


via  news.blogs.cnn.com



Ireland Faces Down Vatican as Kenny Demands $1 Billion Abuse Compensation


By Dara Doyle and Colm Heatley – Aug 15, 2011 via Bloomberg.com