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Lisa Gawlas – Thunder, Acceleration And Morphing… – 15 January 2015

lisagawlas2I have decided it is really difficult to get a true grip on this wonderful new world we are in and explain any of it in detail.  It is like watching various brush strokes being laid down on a canvas, something is forming… but what exactly???  Hard to say for sure.

My last reading on Monday was a wonderful lady from down under, on the next days date line, which I didn’t realize she was giving us a view of the energies of yesterday.  I could see and feel her energy signature standing in the center of her field of life, but I couldn’t see her biology.  Instead, the focus was on this massive geyser like energy system coming out of her abdomen area shooting outwards to her future.  The geyser of energy shot out easily 10 feet, then I couldn’t see beyond it.  Of course, there I am with my ever familiar… what the hell is that??  This was her desires, the energy she has gathered over time and is now readily employable in this new fully functional earth.  She was literally already hydrating her future and with it, pushing away all the things that no longer serve her. Continue reading