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Activist Post – Kevin Samson – New Wi-Fi Technology Can Track You Through Walls – 12 December 2013

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One of the hallmarks of technology is dual-use capability. It is for this reason that we are softened up with all of the benefits, before being introduced to the darker side. Technology has always been a double-edged sword, but we are witnessing a closure in the gap between good and bad as technology is now advancing at a much higher rate of speed in tandem with a growing global police state. Continue reading


Activist Post – Nicholas West – Pet Cyborgs Created In DIY Neuroscience Project – 9 October 2013

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One would not ordinarily think that cockroach abuse would be at the top of the list of ethics concerns, but a new project called RoboRoach is making waves in the neuroscience community. Continue reading

Activist Post: Congress Moves To Outlaw Alternative Media – 1 October 2013

American-Kabuki-New-7-8-13-f(Lucas : I reported on this already last week and in the radio show. But now it is taken up by the rest to be serious… Yes it is… We have to make sure that Congress gets a notice served… if they get any further with unconstitutional laws and for profit laws and taking over the country by all means that all those still complicit and voting for it will be held accountable and liable.  Stopping free speech and other rights shows what their intentions are and also what they wanna achieve. Get awake!) Continue reading

Activist Post – Building Communities From The Food Up – 18 February 2013

Garden_Hen wikiPoliticians like to talk a lot about community building; it is a surefire appeal to emotion that we are all in this together and can work toward prosperity from the ground up. Naturally, the fine print is filled with government-run programs which are bloated with extra costs, special interests, and guaranteed to fail by their structural inefficiency. Continue reading

Activist Post – Mick Meaney – The Social Network Spy Software Created By War Criminals – 12 February 2013

video obtained by the Guardian details “new” surveillance software that is capable of gathering vast amounts of personal information about people from websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Raytheon, the company behind the software, has confirmed that it had already shared the technology with the US government in 2010, effectively creating what has been dubbed as a “Google for spies”. Continue reading

Activist Post – EU Funds Cyber Trolls To Propagandize Critics – 8 February 2013

noEU_1600Youtube – RT

UK Independence Party’s Nigel Farage on the European Parliament’s plan to spend huge sums of taxpayer money on social network smear campaigns against those who speak out against it. “The words ‘legal’ and ‘European Union’ don’t fit together. Nothing matters here, there are no rules”. Continue reading

Activist Post – Brandon Turbeville – FDA Expands Irradiation Of Food Supply; Harmonizing With Codex Alimentarius – 9 December 2012

warning_Codex_AlimentariusDemonstrating the lack of concern held by regulatory agencies for public safety or public opinion as well as the increasing attempts to become compliant with Codex Alimentarius regulations, the FDA has recently expanded the amount of ionized radiation that can be used to treat unrefrigerated raw meat.

As reported by Food Safety News, the two new policies decided upon by the FDA were issued in response to two petitions filed in 1999 by the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Continue reading

Activist Post – Alex Pietrowski – Down Our Throats – How Corporate Influence And Publice Policy Conspire To Keep Us Unhealthy – 1 December 2012

Coke-Times-Square-300x130Food Processors Want to Keep Us Snacking – Can Public Policy Help?

No one can question the fact that the condition of public health in the United States has reached a critical point, and that much of this health catastrophe can be blamed on poor eating habits. Continue reading

Activist Post – Feds Shut Down Organic Peanut Processing Plant; First Case Under Food Safety Modernization Act – 28 November 2012

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Concerns recently cited by WMD Center Director Randall Larsen concerning the vulnerability of peanut processing plants have turned out to be eerily prophetic. As of yesterday, the FDA shut down a large organic peanut processing plant in New Mexico, citing health concerns. Continue reading

Activist Post – John Cathey – Reformation Of Society – 26 November 2012

As noted by so many, the present state of the global society, fragmented and partitioned through forces such as nationalism, pride, and economy, is far from perfect. However, were the world of humanity only in such a condition for sake of necessity, things might not be so bad.
Continue reading