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Kata – Adama – The Threads Of Time And The Eternal Solstice Code – 15 August 2012

Greetings to the Masters,
This is Adama High Priest of the Lemurians in Mt Shasta and the Universal Masters of the New Humanity. I greet you from ours’ and yours’ soon to be dimension called the Fifth, in your linear measurement.

There are rules in your recent physical reality that will be left behind in the process of getting more insights in your soon available Fifth dimensional existence. The New Earth, as we have talked about so many times, is getting imprinted into your heart with such a vivid joy; and it is ready to be yours completely. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Adama – 7 March 2012

(Picture of Nancy Tate on the left)

I am Adama from Telos, Inner Earth. I come today to add to what has already been said through you. It is time now to get down to business, and the first order of such is that you all take a moment and take a breath of clear fresh air. You can do that no matter what the air is like around you. Take a deep breath, and while holding it take the moment to bless your life and what it has brought you. In that moment the air around you will purify and take on the blessings that you hold within yourself. In that moment there will be a new beginning for you and it will be laden with love and new promise for your life. Continue reading

Diane Robbins – Adama – We Once Powered The Whole Planet – 11 January 2012

Greetings, our dearest soul daughter on Earth. We are the Crystal Kingdom [Agartha] yearning to continue our dialogue with you. Know that we do remember the times when we were above ground, and our structures towered above the surface like gigantic skyscrapers overhead.

We powered the whole planet then, in every aspect of its energy requirements. We did it all, with very little effort on our part, and with no residue or side effects to the environment. Our energy transmissions are the cleanest, purest and most pristine way to harness energy for your consumption. Continue reading

Dianne Robbins – Adama and Gaia – 4 January 2012


“I am Adama. I would like to give you a message to send out to the world for January 2012…

Dearest Folk on the surface,

Though you are above ground
And we below
Yet we watch and see you
As you come and go Continue reading

Erin Mackley – Adama On The Purpose Of Connecting With The Telosians – 20 December 2011

I Am Adama, Ascended Master and High Priest in Telos. I speak with many beings, both within the earth, as the Telosians are, and also those who travel widely to other planets. Many of these you would consider to be your Spiritual Masters.
I Am speaking today about love, and the role that Telosians are playing to assist you, on this planet which you call your home, Earth.
It is important to say, because we need to set you on a beeline for awakened consciousness. That is our goal. Continue reading

Adama -Dreamwalker: Crystal Skulls – 1 November 2011

Adama Through Dreamwalker: Crystal Skulls. via http://www.aquariuschannelings.com  posted by Wes Annac

Adama channeled through Dreamwalker

Crystal Skulls


>Adama, you wanted to chat?

I did Troy, and Selphia sends her blessings as well.

>Thank you, Adama. I send my love and gratitude to both of you!

Thank you, Troy. You on on a new path discovering the stone people, which I wanted to talk to you about. But you have discovered several things already about them, you have been drawn to them, and they enjoy your attention.

Spirits live within the stones, but it is up to you to bring the out to play.

They love to play, you know – they are filled with love and joy as you have already experienced. They will help in whatever way they can. Something like a medium’s familiar. They have certain properties that may help emphasize your intent or focus it as the case may be. Continue reading