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Visionkeeper – Addictions – 27 February 2013

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This caught my eye as it speaks volumes about me. I will be the first to admit I am addicted to the internet and that really worries me. If I have computer problems that require a day or two of repairs I always go through withdrawal from not being able to get online! I detest having a dependency on anything, but I am weak when it comes to the internet. I rely on it for everything. I do a great deal of research almost everyday and I love my email and of course it is the only place I get my daily fix of alternative news. I do all of my own healthcare and so I am always searching for alternative info when I need to know how to get better. In other words, it is a major part of my life, I cannot envision life without it! I am not sure how I feel about this. As I mentioned earlier, I really dislike dependency on anything and yet I find the internet so vital for communication, especially in this age of lies and media propaganda, for me it is next to impossible to break this habit. Continue reading