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CommonDreams – ‘Iraq Replay’: Kerry Demands Immunity For US Troops In Afghanistan – 15 October 2013

common-dreamsSuraia Sahar: ‘Immunity is just another extension of occupation’

– Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Secretary of State John Kerry is demanding immunity for U.S. military service members in Afghanistan as a precondition for a ‘bi-lateral security agreement,’ which would allow 10,000 U.S. troops in the country past the 2014 withdrawal date. Continue reading

War On Drugs Revealed As Total Hoax – US Military Admits To Guarding, Assisting Lucrative Opium Trade In Afghanistan

 (NaturalNews) Afghanistan is, by far, the largest grower and exporter of opium in the world today, cultivating a 92 percent market share of the global opium trade. But what may shock many is the fact that the US military has been specifically tasked with guarding Afghan poppy fields, from which opium is derived, in order to protect this multibillion dollar industry that enriches Wall Street, the CIA, MI6, and various other groups that profit big time from this illicit drug trade scheme. Continue reading