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Example Of Fear Spreading News Via NASA And Other Government Agencies

Spreading Fear Article About Solar Flares by Naturalnews.com via NASA

My Comment: As said before watch out we’re the news is coming from. NASA and other Agencies are gearing up in spreading fear. This time it’s not an alien invasion but Solar Flares that would be causing all Nuclear reactors to default and melt.  It’s a shame. The Solar Flares and what they are and do were already know a long long time. And by building  power plants there has been reckoned with Solar Flares. The Flares can disrupt electrics and communications, but its stupid and ignorant to think that powerplants can’t be shut down in extreme cases as they follow the flare activities also. The people see now the Fukushima disaster and think:  “oh its gonna happen again’. Noting of that magnitude will  happen again ever. It is that they prey on the fear pre-existing and wanna fire it up some more. Dont fall in that trap anymore. Be wise. Sent them some love and light. They need it.