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Air France Strike: Massive Flight Disruptions, Could Cost Up To $19Mn – 16 September 2014

RT logoUp to 60 percent of Air France flights have been canceled as the company’s pilots began a week-long strike over the cuts. The same level of groundings is expected until the weekend.

“Close to 600,000 texts and messages have been sent to inform customers due to travel on Tuesday individually and in real time. If the strike action continues beyond 16 September, the flight schedule will be adjusted accordingly. Customers will be informed of the potential impact the day before departure. However there may be other disruption and delays,” the company’s official statement said.

The French company’s pilots express their anger at the Air France’s plans to expand the low-cost flights of Transavia brand, establishing foreign bases – and thus saving about $1.3 billion.

The union also stressed they were ready to extend the strike after the failed weekend talks on the situation.
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