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Judith Dagley – Alchemy, The Law Of Creation, Integrating Masculine/Feminine Energies, A NEW Video-And More! – 20 July 2013

judithI don’t know how I can possibly put into words all that I wish to communicate in this one seemingly “ordinary” message. So, I don’t think I will even try–especially since I already know that the energy of “trying” only creates more “trying.” And that, I just realized, is a very important awareness to be sharing in this post! AND… there you have it. This is eactly what keeps happening to me all day long NOW. Continue reading


Tom Kenyon – The Alchemy Of Relationship – 29 February 2012

This article was taken from the Magdalen Manuscript (ORB Communications).

Many of us do relationships the way we play poker. We do everything possible to get the upper hand. And if that fails, we bluff. We pretend to hold cards we don’t have. We cheat. We lie.

And while this is the model for many a relationship in our post modern era, it is not the model for Sacred Relationship as described in the Manuscript. Continue reading